Accredited Mediator Training

Presented by Erwin Bouchier Professional Solutions. From Thu 01 Jan 1970 to Thu 01 Jan 1970

Ireland and Northern Ireland

GeneralGeneral Information:

Region: Dublin and countrywide
Principal Trainers: Karen Erwin and Mags Bouchier
Organisation: Erwin Bouchier Professional Solutions
Principle Contact:   Karen Erwin and Margaret Bouchier
Address:    Montana House, Whitechurch, Dublin 16
Phone: 00353 1 6190227; 
Karen mob: 087 241 5844:
Margaret mob: 086 8109784



Course Information:

Course Structure: 3 x 2-day trainings, 1-day assessment orientation, 1-day assessment day

Hours in training: 56 hours Hours required outside training: 9 hours

Venue:    Dublin
Course Timings:   9.00am to 5.00pm
Max number on course:  14 Cost: €1,600 + €250 for assessment




The Programme:

Course Aim:  Seven-day mediator training programme suitable for someone who wants to become a practising Mediator or someone who would like to enhance their understanding and develop high level skills and capacity to constructively manage conflict. The roleplays are geared towards  interpersonal  conflicts

Course Objectives : 

  • To develop a theoretical understanding of mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • To understand the process of mediation and the skills associated with the different stages of mediation
  • To build the requisite knowledge, capacity and skills for effective mediation
  • To raise awareness of personal biases and assumptions and their significance in mediation / conflict management
  • To demonstrate knowledge and application of ethical guidelines and principles in mediation
  • To actively promote participant learning and reflexivity 
  • To understand the importance of supervision in developing competence and confidence.

Methodology and evaluation:

This is a highly interactive training programme with an emphasis on the planned and organised development of knowledge, skills and awareness. Training methodology will include presentations and input, interactive group discussions, small group work, simulated role plays and case studies, skills building activities as well as course reading and assessment.

Successful completion will require:

Attendance - 80% minimum 

Role-play assessment in line with MII procedures.

Admission Requirements:    

An interest in mediation and the capacity to participate and successfully complete the programme.


Senior Trainer:  Margaret Bouchier, M.MII, Cert.EM, MSSc

Margaret is an experienced mediator and trainer. She has delivered a broad range of training through Working Solutions and on behalf of other training providers including: Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon; Burtenshaw Kenny Associates; Harnett Tannam Consultants; Hibernian Training Courses; and NUI Maynooth. 

Margaret is a highly experienced Mediator, specialising in workplace, commercial and elder mediation. She is accredited by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (Practitioner Member) and the Elder Mediation International Network and recognised by the International Mediation Institute. Working in private practice since 2004, Margaret specialises in the delivery of mediated interventions to complex and sensitive conflicts and in the development and delivery of strategies to promote collaborative development and conflict-positive work environments. Client organisations include: Government departments, semi-state bodies, academic institutions, healthcare providers and private organisations. 

Qualifications include:

  • Work-Based Learning Masters (Mediation Studies): Queens University Belfast: 2013
  • EMIN Certified Elder Mediator: Elder Mediation International Network: 2012
  • IMI Certification: International Mediation Institute: 2009 
  • Conflict Coaching: Cinnie Noble: November 2007
  • The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland: Practitioner Member Status: December 2006
  • The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland: Panel Selection for Civil Liabilities and Courts Act, 2004: 2005
  • UCD: Professional Training in Organisational and Workplace Mediation (MII Part 2 Training): 2004
  • UCD: Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Training (MII Part 1 Training): 2003

Senior Trainer:  Karen Erwin

Karen is a very experienced trainer both in mediation and in its ethics and governance. She is the trainer who provides the mandatory Ethics and Code of Practice training for the MII. She has also trained on mediation, conflict resolution and on general governance both to future and present Mediators but also to private clients and mediation organisations. 

Karen is a non–practising Solicitor and became a Mediator completing ADR and CEDR training in 2002. Karen  established Erwin Mediation Services and she is one of the most experienced Mediators in Ireland. Karen is an MII Practitioner Mediator and has accreditation in Conflict Coaching, Supervision and Case Consultancy international accreditation in Elder Mediation. With her 7 years as President of the MII and as ICMA Council member as well as being a businessperson Karen is ideally placed to train Mediators in the theory, practice and practical application of mediation especially those interested in workplace disputes. 

Other Trainers: Karen Erwin and Margaret Bouchier will deliver the main training. Where additional trainers are contracted, they will have the specialist knowledge and / or relevant experience.

Organisation: Erwin Bouchier Professional Solutions Duration: 65 hours MII Approved: Yes

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