Certificate in Workplace Mediation

Presented by National College of Ireland.


General Information

Title: Certificate in Workplace Mediation  MII Approved to Associate Affiliation level (requires additional  Assessment for MII Certification)

Region: IFSC Dublin

Principal Trainer: 

Contact Details: 01 659 9218

Organisation: National College of Ireland

Address: Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1. 

Phone: 01 4498 8500 

Email: jmcgarrigle@ncirl.ie

Web: www.ncirl.ie


Course Information:

Hours in Mediation Module training: 50 hours required.
Hours Outside training: 210 hours.

Venue: NCI, IFSC and other approved off-campus centres. NCI has internal quality assurance procedures for choosing off-campus centres.

Course Timings:  

Typically 1 evening per week (3 hours) over 12 weeks with 2 additional weekends. It may be also offered in weekend delivery (Saturday)

Max number on course:  25 per cohort

Cost: €1600

Upcoming Programme Dates; September 2015 to December 2015


Course Objectives:

Learners will be able to use theory to define and develop a knowledge of mediation and conflict intervention apporaches.

Learners will be able to ciritically evaluate the role of mediators in conflict resolution.

Learners will be able to analyse and review conflict intervention strategies

Learners will be able to apply skills and techniques of mediation to complex workpace disputes.

Learners will be able to use theory to develop communication options in dealing with conflict and the resolution process

Learners will be able to analyse and recommend alternative dispute resolution approaches to apply.

Learners will be able to reflect on thier practice to improve their knowledge and skills in mediation and conflict resolution.

Learners will be able to criticially review the ethical considerations in the management of conflict.


Methodology and Evaluation:

Teaching and Learning will take place via the following:



Case studies

Group Activities/Tasks

Role Play

Class discussion/debates

Directed Reading of texts and journal articles

Self-directed reading and review of web based materials especially from CIPD

Reading, Learning and Preparation of material for Assignment

Students will be assessed by a written acaedmic Assignment. The Assignment will based on a mediation role play.


The role play will be recorded and assessed by and assessor, approved by the MII. This will be graded on a PASS/FAIL basis. The assessor will provide feedback on the learners ability to practice mediation. Written feedback will be provided by the Assessor to each of the learners on:

Managing the Relationship in Mediation

Managing the Process of Mediation

Managing the Content of the Mediation

Managing the Self

Students must pass both the written and practical elements of the assessment in order to pass and qualify for the MII Certificate to practice.


Admission Requirements: An Honours degree at level 8 or a degree at level 7 with NCI approved Recoginsed Prior Learning (RPL).

Senior Trainer: Sheila K. Martin BSc (Hons), MSc.(Econ) Cert Ed. DipEmpLaw; FCIPD; FIITD; MMII

Principle Contact: John McGarrigle, Registrar


Course Structure: 110 ECTS credit module called Mediation and Conflict Management. This is validated by QQI as a Special Purpose Award.  It carries 10 QQI, level 9 credits and qualifies for Certificate to Practice Mediation.


Course Aim: The puprose of this programme is to provide access for experienced Managers, Team Leaders, HR practitioners, Trade Union Representatives and Officials, to education and professional development in the field of Workplace Mediation.

This 10 ECTS credit programme has been developed to meet both market requirements and the Certificate level accreditation requirements of the Mediators' Institute of Ireland (MII). The academic content of this programme is currently delivered on the MA in HRM on a 10 credit module.




Organisation: National College of Ireland Duration: 50 hours/ 210 independent learning MII Approved: Yes to Associate Affiliation level (requires additional Assessment for MII Certification)

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