Certified Family Mediation Foundation Training Course (Accredited UK & Irl)

Presented by Family Mediation NI.


Course Information:

Course Hours 

  • 72 hours direct (9.30am - 4.30pm) + 20 hours indirect

2018 Dates:

19 & 20 Oct 2018, 9 & 10 Nov 2018, 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2018, 11 & 12 Jan 2019 , 1 & 2 Feb 2019,  22 & 23 Feb 2019

  • *Stage One is also suitable for those wishing to enhance their skills base in their existing work with families and who may not wish to practice as a Family Mediator.


Course Aims:

1. To equip trainees with principles, values, knowledge and skills required to practice as Mediators, in particular assisting couples following separation and divorce which includes:

a) Understanding of the theory and practice of family mediation;

b) Knowledge of conflict management strategies and family dynamics with particular emphasis on the effects of separation and divorce on children;

c) The ability to confidently deal with legal and financial issues in mediation;

d) Enhanced listening, probing and evaluation skills;

e) The ability to confidently and competently include the needs, wishes and feelings of children and young people in the mediation process through indirect consultation.

2. To provide those trainees who successfully complete the course with a qualification which is compliant with the standards of and recognised by the UK Family Mediation Council, and the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.


Course objectives

Upon successful completion, the participants will have:

- Met the requirements of 60 hours training for application for MII Certified Member status PLUS the 32 hours Additional Knowledge Requirements for Approval to Practice in Family (Separating Couples) Mediation.

-Met the requirements for the Foundation Training in both Generic and Family Mediation Conversion Training for the College of Mediators (UK) as approved by The Family Mediation Council (UK).

-Gained the requisite knowledge, skills, role play practice experience and self-awareness to start the required co-working practice experience in separating/divorcing couples mediation.

-Gained an understanding of the vital role of safe, reflective practice and supervision.


Methodology and Evaluation

Training Delivery

12 days of training delivery over 6 two-day modules by way of didactic input, facilitated and elicited  discussion with skills practice through role plays.

Assessment and Evaluation

Trainer, peer and self-assessment of each role-play.

Trainers’ assessment of drafting exercise and Training Journal.

Trainers and trainee self-assessment of overall participation.

Option: MII Certified Role Play Assessment.


Required reading list, with recommended additional reading on specific topics.

Completion of Training Journal including self-reflective element.

Completion of Draft Mediated Agreement.


Course Outline/Content

Core Concepts: Theory – Mediation, Systemic, Conflict, Negotiation & Communication; Mediation as a Staged Process;  Couple Dynamics; Needs of Children; Parenting Plans; Family Law; Finance & Property in Mediation; Ethics; Reflective Practice; and Managing the Risk – Child Protection and Domestic Abuse Screening.



Eimear Hayden is a Family Mediator with the Family Mediation Service (Ireland) and Professional Practice Consultant and Trainer with FMNI. She was accredited as a Practitioner Member of The MII in 2002. Currently Eimear is part of an all-island study group looking at Child Inclusive Practice in family mediation and other fields. Eimear previously chaired the MII Ethics & Standards Committee.


Janni Knox is a Family Mediator, Trainer and Professional Practice Consultant with FMNI. She also specialises in Workplace Mediation for various organisations in the United Kingdom.  She is a Practitioner Member of The MII and on the Board of Mediation Northern Ireland (MNI).  Janni is on the Policy and Standards committee for The College of Mediators UK and is ambassador for the Edward M Kennedy Institute for Peacebuilding.


Eimear and Janni both participated in Mediation Northern Ireland’s MOST Project on Cross Cultural Facilitation & Mediation in Divided Societies (2009-2013).  

Polly Rowan-Hamilton is an accredited Family Mediator with FMNI and a Professional Practice Consultant . Polly was formerly a teacher with some twenty years’ experience. Polly is currently employed by FMNI as  a Mediator/ trainer and is currently completing specialist training in Elder Mediation.


Davina Clements is an accredited Family Mediator with FMNI and is currently seconded into the post of Lead Practitioner. Davina is a qualified Social Worker and has been employed by the Trust Family & Child Care services and Barnardo’s to carry out therapeutic and assessment work with families.  Davina qualified as a Family Mediator in 2008 and went on to achieve accreditation status, working as a Family Mediator and Direct Child Consultant.  Davina has just completed a post-graduate Diploma in Strategy & Leadership at QUB.


Margaret Fawcett who is an independent Social Worker and Family Therapist with a long standing professional interest in work with young children and young people in families in transition.  She has combined research, training and practice in this area.  She was part of a new all-island study group looking at Child Inclusive Practice in family mediation and other fields and contributed to the development of FMNI’s DCC service and the training material related to mediating with children


Specialist Input

Aedin Bradley and Malachy Hagan are both Accredited Mediators and practising Solicitors and deliver input on the Family Law and Finance & Property Modules.


Admission Criteria

Selection is by way of Application Form and subsequent telephone interview. Two references are also required. See familymediationni.org.uk for current Application Pack.






Organisation: Family Mediation NI Duration: 72 Hours direct and 20 hours indirect MII Approved: Yes, from July 2012

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