Certified Mediation Skills Training Programme

Presented by Drumcondra Education Centre.



A Certified Mediation Skills Training Programme

The Drumcondra Education Centre is delighted to offer this new and exciting mediation training programme for those working in Irish Education.

Drumcondra has have many years experience in providing Continued Professional Development (CPD) with an emphasis on the areas of Conflict Resolution, Peer Mediation, Restorative Justice and Mediation Studies. In choosing to accredit with the Mediators Institute of Ireland, the Centre is providing a recognised accredited mediation training for the education sector.

Programme Outline and Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this Programme participants will have:

  • Knowledge of Conflict Resolution Theory and Skills: How conflict impacts on Behaviour, Successful Interventions, Personal Conflict Style, Managing ourselves in Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Techniques and Skills: These will include, Listening, Reframing, Summarising, Attuning and Connection within Collaborative Negotiation Skills
  • Ability to Ground Practice in Theory and Skills: Delivered through Role Play and Interactive Exercises
  • Learned to Refine Skills through Self- Reflection: Delivered through a Coaching Model developed as part of the ongoing Conflict Resolution Education initiative in the Centres.

Entry Requirements:

  • Educational: Leaving Certification plus basic degree.


  • Professional: Leaving Certification plus documented relevant experience/interest in this area.

Programme Assessment:

In order to be awarded the certificate participants will:

  • Go through regular evaluation and feedback from Programme trainers on their skills development
  • Will keep a Reflective Journal which will form part of the overall assessment
  • Will be a required to attend a minimum of 80% of the course

At the end of the course successful participants will receive a certificate confirming that they have successfully completed an MII accredited training course in mediation.

If individual participants wish to be accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII) as Certified MII Mediators they will be able to do so by taking part in an individual assessment, arranged by the Course Co-ordinator. This will be at the additional fee of €250, to cover costs, and lead to the successful candidate being certified by the MII under their Code of Practice.

Venue: Drumcondra Education Centre.

Programme Timings:

  • Evening Classes of 2.5 hours duration each over two academic terms.
  • Blended Learning (face to face and on line) will be used throughout the modules on this Programme
  • Max number on Programme: 24 participants per venue
  • Cost: €1,250

Programme Dates: Please contact CRE@ecdrumcondra.ie or ring Aoife Lewis at Drumcondra Education Centre, tel: o1 8576400 

Our programme runs from Autumn 2016 to Spring 2017

Course dates: 2016

Please contact CRE@ecdrumcondra.ie or ring Aoife Lewis at Drumcondra Education Centre, tel: o1 8576400 


What next?

If you would like to obtain more information please e-mail: CRE@ecdrumcondra.ie or ring Aoife Lewis at Drumcondra Education Centre, tel: o1 8576400

Organisation: Drumondra EC Duration: 60 Hours (48 face to face and 12 online) plus 2 Saturdays for role play training MII Approved: Certified Member Status (with Assessment completed sucessfully)

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