Diploma in Mediation

Presented by The Law Society of Ireland.

Dublin & Nationwide


General Information:

  • Region: Dublin & Nationwide
  • Principal Trainer: Sabine Walsh

Contact Details: 

  • Organisation: The Law Society of Ireland
  • Principle Contact: The Diploma Team
  • Address: The Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin 7
  • Phone: 01 8815708
  • Fax: 01 6724992

Course Information:

Course Structure: The course will comprise of onsite and online lectures combined with onsite practical and skills workshops. All lectures will be webcast so that participants will be able to access the lectures either onsite or online, and the webcasts can be watched either live or archived at a time suitable to the participant.

Hours in training: 60 Hours required 

Venue:    The Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place Dublin 7 and webcast online

Course Timings: Three onsite Friday & Saturday sessions with online release of supplemental lectures.  

Max number on course:  30

Cost: €2,800

Upcoming Programme Dates: Commencing on 09 November 2018.

The Programme:

Course Aim:  This course will provide participants with a detailed knowledge of the definition and scope of mediation in Ireland, together with the necessary skills to both act as a mediator and to advise clients involved in mediation. Those who successfully complete the course and the role play assessment will be eligible to apply for certified membership of the MII.

Course Objectives: The course will introduce participants to mediation as a means of conflict resolution, and will commence with a comparison of adjudicative and non-adjudicative processes before reviewing the development of mediation in Ireland. There will be a particular focus on mediation and its increasing importance in the litigation landscape. The grounding legislation for mediation will be reviewed with a closer examination of the Mediation Bill, which is due to be published in early 2014, and the likely consequences of same. The course will outline the theory and principles of conflict resolution before analysing the role of the mediator. There will be a focus on the practical aspects of mediation. 

Methodology and evaluation:  In line with accepted standards of approach there will be a combination of onsite lectures and workshops featuring experiential and active learning comprising role-plays and simulated mediations. The lectures will be held in the lecture theatre in the Education Centre in the Law Society and will also be webcast. There will be 9 workshops, 2 of which will be optional for those wishing to take the role-play assessment which is required to become a certified member of the MII. Emphasis will be placed on the skills element of negotiation and effective mediation and practical examples and role-plays will be the main theme of the workshops.  
For mediation (MII) accreditation, assessment will be by means of role-play assessment, run by a certified member of the MII. There will be a final 3 hour closed book exam for all candidates. 

Admission Requirements: This diploma is open to solicitors, barristers, trainees and other professionals with an interest in mediation. If you are not a qualified solicitor, trainee or barrister, you must apply with a cover letter and curriculum vitae for approval in order to attend the course.

Senior Trainer: Sabine Walsh LLB, LLM Accredited Mediator

Sabine practiced as a solicitor leaving practice to work full time as a mediator in 2009. She also provides training and education in mediation for various institutions including Friarylaw, the Law Society of Ireland, St. Angela’s College, Sligo and private groups and companies. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning, Teaching and Assessment. She is the Irish member of the European Network of International Family Mediators. She also holds a qualification in Online Dispute Resolution and is a certified trainer and agent for Juripax, an online mediation provider. She is one of the regular writers for the Kluwer Mediation Blog (www.kluwermediationblog.com) and is co-editing their EU Mediation Handbook with Professor Nadja Alexander.

She is President of the Mediators' Institute of Ireland, the President of Mediation Solutions Northwest and a regular speaker at conferences on alternative dispute resolution in Ireland and abroad. She was a Finalist for the Irish Law Awards 2013.


General Comments:  The aim of this course is to train solicitors to advise clients in mediation and to act as mediators. The benefits of mediation will be outlined, such as less adversarial, lower costs and the fact that it is essentially the parties who come up with a solution, rather than a solution being imposed on them, in a private and confidential setting. 



Organisation: The Law Society of Ireland Duration: 60 hours of 77 hours in total MII Approved: Yes

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