Friarylaw ADR Civil & Commercial Mediation Training & Professional Accreditation Programme (Accredited Mediator)

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Ireland, EU & International


Region: Ireland, EU & International
Principal Trainer: Joanna Campbell (modules 2-4), Oliver J Connolly (module 1)
Price: €2,450 
Course details
Friarylaw ADR Civil & Commercial Mediation Training & Professional Accreditation Programme (Accredited Mediator)”
The emphasis of the programme: Civil and Commercial  
Principle Contact:    
Dee Khuwais
 Friarylaw Chambers, The Friary, Bow Street, Dublin 7
Phone: 01-8728405 Fax:
Course Structure:
An initial four Day Training Programme (including a recorded simulated mediation role-play for assessment), plus an additional two-three days of directed independent learning (including submitted coursework for further assessment).
Hours in training:  40      
Hours required outside training: 20
Venue: Friarylaw Chambers, The Friary, Bow Street, Dublin 7
Course Timings:   
9am to 5.30pm daily
Max number on course:  12       
Attendees Cost: €2,450
Upcoming Programme Dates: 

Monday 11th to Saturday 16th September 2017

Course Aim: 
The primary goal of the course is to equip delegates with the essential practical skills required in mediation. On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive accreditation as a mediator with Friarylaw, an accredited body under the Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004 and the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011 and recently empowered to qualify mediators via the Qualified Assessment Programme (QAP) of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) as ‘IMI Certified’ Mediators.
Course Objectives
Understand the role mediation plays in the business and legal community
Develop advanced facilitation skills to promote communication between parties
Acquire competencies to distinguish issues from interests and develop commercial solutions
Enhance the candidate’s own listening, probing and evaluation skills thereby improving internal communication and working practices
Provide mediator accreditation so that a candidate can act as a mediator
MODULE 1  Mediation In Context
The momentum for Mediation in a domestic and international legal context, a mini review of selected materials from the Civil & Commercial ADR Module taught by Oliver on the Masters in Law programme at Trinity College Dublin and a review of other Friarylaw mediation precedents.
‘The Paradigm Shift in Irish Dispute Resolution’ – A review of current and pending Irish law in respect of mediation, including the Legal Services Regulation Bill 2011, the Personal Insolvency Act and the Mediation Bill 2012 (and mediation related Court Rules & Processes) 
Friarylaw Public Sector Legal Spend Analysis – an unanswerable case  
International Models of Dispute Resolution & Best Practice – the road in front of us  
MODULE 2   Mediation Training
Programme objectives
Before the Mediation commences
Managing Expectations
Paperwork involved (Agreement to Mediate/Submission documents)
The Role of the Mediator - Role Play Scenario
Distinguishing between needs and wants
The Mediator's Opening Statement - Practical Workshop
Communication Skills
Negotiation & Mediation - Role Play Scenario
MODULE 3  Mediation Training
Review of the programme to date
Objectives of the Day
The Mediation Process – Role Play Scenario
Mediation Process (Communication Skills)
Problem Solving & Creativity in Mediation – Role Play Scenario
Mediation Process (Standards of Conduct) – Role Play Scenario
Closing the Mediation
What are the Pitfalls?
What role should the Mediator play?
“Successful Outcomes”
Writing up the Agreement
MODULE 4  Mediation Training
Review of Programme to date
Objectives for today
Co Mediation
Key differences between co and sole mediation
Benefits to the parties
“Golden Rules”
Strategy and approach
Co Mediation Role Play Scenario
Co Mediation Role Play Scenario
Co Mediation Role Play Scenario
Formal Assessment, recorded digitally for subsequent review & marking
Written Mediation Case Study to be completed by candidates
Admission Requirements:  
There are no specific admission requirements although, for suitability, Friarylaw does seek to elicit a candidate’s proven interest in mediation and a candidate’s professional, educational, vocational and/or commercial experience.
Senior Trainer:     Joanna Campbell
Training experience:
Since 2000 Joanna has been the principal of a successful management consultancy specialising in training and dispute resolution. 
She is principle of Northeast Mediation, an entity established to provide an alternative means of resolution to the business community.  
In addition to her work as a mediator, Joanna also worked with a wide variety of clients in the establishment of systems and procedures and delivers in a range of tailor made in house training programmes. 
Joanna has being training Friarylaw candidates for almost three years and enjoys a very high reputation with Friarylaw trained alumni.
JOANNA CAMPBELL B.Eng DSHWW Accredited Mediator & Trainer. Joanna holds an honours degree in Engineering from the University of Ulster, a graduate diploma in occupational health and safety from University College Dublin, a graduate diploma in quality management from the University of Limerick and a certificate in Training and Continuing Education at National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Joanna became accredited as a mediator with Friarylaw & ADR Group in March 2005.
Other Trainers:  Oliver J. Connolly
OLIVER J. CONNOLLY, is a graduate in law and former lecturer in law of Dublin University, Trinity College where he taught civil & commercial arbitration & mediation on Trinity’s Masters in Law (LL.M.) programme for ten years. Oliver has more than twenty years’ experience as a lawyer (Ireland, US, EU Cross-border and International) having qualified as a barrister at both of the Irish Bars and the English Bar (Oliver is admitted and practiced at the Bar of Ireland, admitted at the Bar of Northern Ireland and is a member of Middle Temple, London, and Barristers’ Chambers at 36 Bedford Row).
Oliver is qualified as a New York attorney and in 2004 Oliver was honoured to have been admitted to practice before the Bar of the United States Supreme Court upon petition by the Irish American lawyers Association, having served as the Hoellering World Fellow in residence in New York with the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Oliver holds various post-graduate & other qualifications (Dip BS, Dip Arb., Dip Int Arb., FCIArb, Accredited Mediator) and he has served as an ADR committee member of the American Bar Association (ABA), the International Bar Association (IBA), the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA), the Bar Council of Ireland and the Irish Commercial Mediation Association (ICMA). As an advocate, a practitioner and an educationalist Oliver founded Friarylaw ADR as a service provider in alternative dispute resolution and to act as a catalyst and change agent for the adoption of international best practice in the resolution of civil & commercial disputes.
At the Friary Oliver leads an active team of lawyers and non-lawyers highly committed to the promotion and servicing of time and cost efficient dispute resolution In Ireland, north and south, and to reform in the law and in legal services that can enhance access to justice for citizens and business.
General Comments: 
Friarylaw ADR is recently empowered to qualify mediators via the Qualified Assessment Programme (QAP) of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) as ‘IMI Certified’ Mediators.
Organisation: FRIARYLAW Duration: 60 hours - 40 direct (plus 20 indirect) MII Approved: Yes

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