Masters in Mediation and Conflict Intervention

Presented by National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Maynooth, Co. Kildare

General Information:

Region: Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Principal Trainer
Contact Details: 01 7086635
OrganisationEdward M. Kennedy Institute, Maynooth University, Maynooth, County Kildare
Principle Contact
Phone: 01 7086635
Experience: Practicing Mediator since 1986, International Mediation Trainer since 1995, Accredited Psychotherapist with the Irish Council of Psychotherapy, Accredited Supervisor.

Course Information:

Course Structure: Course is taught in nine six day modules over two academic years, each module running in two separate blocks of three days.
Hours in training: 378 Hours
Hours required outside training: 250 Hours
Venue: NUI, Maynooth
Course Timings: Course is taught in nine six day (09.30 – 17.00) modules over two academic years, each module running in two separate blocks of three days.
Numbers on course: 20
Cost: €6,940

The Programme:

Module 1
Mediation Theory & Conflict Analysis

Module 2
Communication & Conflict

Module 3

Module 4
Organisational & Workplace Mediation

Module 5
Family Mediation

Module 6
Values & Relationship in Conflict Intervention

Module 7
Restorative Practice

Module 8
Commercial Mediation

Module 9
Peace Process Studies

Course Aims:
This master’s programme provides a challenging learning experience for those who wish to deepen and integrate their mediation knowledge and skill. The course aims to develop the student’s skills in the analysis and critique of mediation and conflict intervention theory and research.

The course also delivers specialist professional training in the areas of Family Mediation, Organisational and Workplace Mediation, Peacemaking and Restorative Practice. The programme has a significant experiential element, providing ongoing opportunities to learn reflectively through exercises and in practice through individualized feedback and coaching. Formal presentations provide background theory on the specialist content areas.

Course Objectives:

  1. Have knowledge of the history of the psychological and social theories underlying conflict resolution.
  2. Are sensitive to differences between constructive and destructive conflict processes created by various social and personal forces.
  3. Develop ability in analysing the ideologies shaping conflict intervention, and of critiquing conflict intervention processes and principles from a variety of perspectives.
  4. Have knowledge of practice from a variety of theoretical perspectives, including problem solving, transformative and narrative practice and provide students with creative models and frameworks for practice.
  5. Have knowledge of the theoretical and practice base of conflict intervention in different specialized contexts.
  6. Have knowledge of special issues in mediation including ethical standards and dilemmas; empowerment and the manipulation of power, conscious and unconscious and cultural factors affecting the process and the mediator.
  7. Develop competencies in analysis and self reflection in the practice of mediation, evoking and integrating personal strengths and life experience and skills into mediation analysis and practice.
  8. Become highly skilled practitioners with ability to apply knowledge and skill in a wide range of conflict situations.
  9. Have analytic skills and research competency.

Methodology and Evaluation:
Course Assignments, Open Book Examination

Admission Requirements:
Applicants are required to have a primary degree and have passed a Mediators Institute of Ireland Certified Training course or equivalent. In exceptional circumstances students without a primary degree, but holding the Diploma in Mediation Studies from NUIM (or equivalent) together with an extensive career portfolio of not less than 10 years in total, including at least three years practice as a registered mediator may be considered.


Senior Trainer: Delma Sweeney

Training experience: Lecturer UCD 1982 -1986, 1999 – 2007, Practicing Mediator since 1986, International Mediation Trainer since 1995, Accredited Psychotherapist and Trainer with the European Council of Psychotherapy, Accredited Supervisor.

Qualifications/Biog: DASS, CQSW, M.Soc Sci. Dip Supervision, MIAHIP, Practitioner Member MII

Other Trainers: Practitioner Mediators of the Mediators Institute of Ireland

Training experience: Usually of 5 years training experience

General Comments: Practicing, experienced mediators deliver the applied mediation presentations throughout the course.

Organisation: Department of Business and Law, National University of Ireland, Maynooth Duration: 378 Hours MII Approved: Yes - from September 2007

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