Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution/ MA in Clonflict Management (part time)

Presented by St. Angela's College Sligo.


Principle Contact:    â€¨Amanda McCloat, Department of Home Economics

Address:    Lough Gill, Sligo

Phone: (071) 9143580




Course Structure: Post Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution / MA in Conflict Management (part time)

Hours in Training: 75 contact + 300 independent / 115 contact + 600 independent

Venue: St. Angela's College, Sligo

Course Timings: Part time, approx 10 hours per week. To be finalised.

Max number on course: 12

Cost: PG Certificate 3000  /  MA €3,300 per annum (two years)

Upcoming programme dates: PG Certificate September 2016 - March 2017/ MA September 2016 - May 2018


Postgraduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution / MA in Conflict Management

(Mediator’s Institute of Ireland Certified Mediator Status)

Course Overview


This course is intended to provide students with the core skills and competencies of a mediator, based on a strong theoretical foundation, and using a variety of different learning tools. After thorough exploration of the theories of conflict and conflict intervention and resolution, the focus will be on experiential learning by means of role play, large and small group discussion and active engagement. A variety of learning tools will be used, including online learning, lectures, workshops and reflective and self-directed learning. Mediation skills will be explored within the overall framework of typical mediation processes with a focus interpersonal disputes. Students have the option of exiting with a Postgraduate Certificate after 6 months (NFQ Level 9, 30 ECTS) or going forward to complete a Master of Arts in Conflict Management (NFQ Level 9, 90 ECTS) after two years.

Online Learning

Online Learning will be conducted by means of Adobe Connent and Moodle. Webinars will be delivered live and contain an interactive element (polls/chat etc) and shall also be archived for student review.                                                                                                           

Course Components


·        Conflict Theory & Conflict Systems

·        Conflict Styles

·        Systems Theory and Conflict

·        Mediation as Conflict Management

·        The Role of the Mediator

·        Core Mediation Skills

·        The Mediation Process

·        Mediation Theories and Styles

·        Mediation Contexts- Families, the Workplace, Education, the Community

·        Co-mediation

·        Ethics and Mediation Practice

New frontiers and developments in mediation.               Suggested Teaching and Assessment Methodologies:


·        Lectures

·        Workshops

·        Reflective Learning (using learning journals)

·        Group and team discussions

·        Role Plays

·        DVD role play analysis

·        Practical skills analysis (role play)

·        Written Individual and Group Assignments


Organisation: St. Angela's College (NUI Galway) Duration: 75 Contact +300 Independent/115 contact and 600 independent hours MII Approved: Certified Member Status (with Assessment completed sucessfully)

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