Independent Standards Commission of the International Mediation Institute

Karen Erwin, President, MII, has been appointed to the Independent Standards Commission of the International Mediation Institute (IMI). The IMI is an international public policy initiative established to enhance understanding and usage of mediation by encouraging high standards of training, by certifying high competency standards of mediators and by aiding users to find suitable and competent Mediators in a transparent way.

The IMI reviews and comments on proposed international standards on mediation. Initially the standards will relate to commercial mediation but other models will be reviewed in time.

‘The IMI is replicating the efforts of bodies in individual countries around the world and putting it into an international context – accordingly much of what is on the IMI web site has already been done or is being done by the MII and other mediation bodies. We are getting nearer the day when there will effectively be global standards relating to mediation. That is very important to the MII as the only not for profit accrediting body and the professional organisation for Mediators on the island of Ireland.’

Karen Erwin,
President, MII

"IMI has undertaken a task of immense importance, not merely in developing uniform standards of practice for conflict resolution, but in creating the foundation for an enormous increase in international conflict resolution capacity. If we are to solve global problems we will require not only global solutions, but global processes, methods and techniques. This will necessitate the development of a collaborative approach to diversity and uniformity in conflict resolution practices, and the creation of a global forum where our differences can be discussed, analyzed, learned from, and synergistically combined. IMI has taken the first step in bringing conflict resolution into the 21st century, by inviting us and the cultures and nations we represent to come together and learn from each other. Only in this way can we hope to overcome the obstacles we have created through conflict."

Kenneth Cloke,
President, Mediators Beyond Borders: Pathways to Peace and Reconciliation


For further inforamtion please refer to the IMI web site.