Launch of MII offices

Launch of MII offices

The President of the MII, Sabine Walsh, last night officially launched the MII offices in the Distillers Building in Smithfield. 


During her speech to mark the official opening of the MII’s new headquarters in Smithfield, Dublin, President of the MII Sabine Walsh said “We urge all members of the 32nd Dáil to support the publication and enactment of the Mediation Bill at the earliest possible opportunity.  
“The Mediation Bill would oblige lawyers to advise clients to consider mediation to resolve legal disputes. Our move to site our headquarters here in Smithfield provides us with the ideal base to collaborate proactively with the legal profession in the development and promotion of mediation”, stated President Walsh. “The fact that so many representatives of the legal profession have attended this evening’s opening demonstrates the professional interest in mediation. Our task now is to complete the job of making mediation an integral part of Ireland’s dispute resolution system and thereby making this cost effective, confidential and highly successful dispute resolution process readily available to everyone.”

Video: Watch the President's speech at the launch of the new MII offices

Video: Watch the interview with President Sabine Walsh at the launch of the new MII offices on 18th May 2016


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