Mediated Resolution to High-Profile, Neighbour Dispute

Following a recommendation from Ms Justice Harding Clark, the Kennys and Charltons agreed to suspend legal proceedings and to engage in a mediated intervention in an effort to resolve their dispute over ownership rights to Gorse Hill, a piece of land adjoining their houses.

Each side had a real sense of grievance and conviction, and, according to Mr Brady, both sides genuinely believed they had legal right on their side. Discussion of the issues 'in complete candour' had enabled a successful outcome.

Mr Eoghan Fitzsimons SC for Mr Charlton said that the parties had settled their differences 'directly as a result of your [Ms Justice Harding Clark] suggestion of mediation' which he referred to as 'inspired'.

Ms Justice Harding Clark said she was very happy with the outcome and she agreed to a request form both sides to strike out the Charlton claim and the Kenny counter-claim, and to make an order vacating all previous legal cost orders.