Mediation Bill

Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) Welcomes Minister Shatter’s Commitment to Publish Mediation Bill in “Early” 2014

Wednesday, 17th April 2013 – At the recent opening of the Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre, Minister Shatter announced that the Mediation Bill would be published in "early" 2014.

“Although there has been further slippage in the scheduled date for publication of the Mediation Bill, The MII welcomes Minister Shatter’s commitment to publish the Bill in “early” 2014”, commented Gerry Rooney, President of The Mediators Institute of Ireland (The MII).  “The enactment of the Bill has the potential to divert many civil and commercial disputes from our courts and save billions in the process.”  He added “The MII has concerns regarding certain aspects of the Draft Bill, particularly in relation to some of the obligations for Mediators but we view the Bill as a very positive step in encouraging parties and their legal advisors to consider mediation for Civil and Commercial disputes.”

During the same speech Minister Shatter called for the provision of mediation training to be provided to solicitors before they qualified. “This suggestion by the Minister for the provision of early training in mediation to those involved in the legal profession is further recognition of the growing importance of mediation by the government and we welcome this” said MII President Gerry Rooney.

In response to reports in the media that mediation might be employed to overcome the current Croke Park II impasse President Gerry Rooney commented “Mediation has the capacity to provide a safe space for the parties involved within which they could develop appropriate innovate solutions to resolve this crisis”.