Mediation Roleplay Assessment Procedure

When a candidate is assessed by a training organisation for MII  Member assessment, an accredited MII Member  or Advanced Member with three years experience engaged by the training organisation carries out the process as outlined below:

Competency assessment forms are given to the applicants some weeks in advance of the assessment so that they can familiarise themselves with the documents. The roleplay schedule for the candidates is created on a random basis in the class prior to the assessment day so that the rota is created in a transparent fashion. All roleplays are given to the class to read in advance.

Approximately 5 roleplays can be conducted in each group in a working day. Generally, five students are allocated to each group. Roleplays run for 50-60 minutes depending on the time available. Each roleplay is filmed. Filming allows the candidates' performances to be reviewed if necessary. The assessor sits in on the mediation roleplay and takes notes and assesses candidates in line with MII agreed competencies. As each candidate completes their roleplay session, they step out of the group to complete a review of their roleplay performance. The next candidate then has a choice of: Taking over as Mediator and continuing the role-play where the last mediation roleplay stopped Starting the last mediation roleplay again (e.g. Roleplay 1) Starting a new mediation roleplay (e.g. Roleplay 2) This process is repeated until all candidates have been assessed

The assessor takes the candidates' completed self-assessment forms and reviews each performance after the roleplay sessions, marking each candidate on the Roleplay Assessment form, clearly indicating if they have been successful of unsuccessful. Candidates are informed within a fortnight of the outcome of their assessed roleplay. 

Roleplay Self-Assessment form. 

This self assessment is part of the roleplay assessment process.

Review Process


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