Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) Urges Using Independent Facilitation for Government Talks

Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) Urges Using Independent Facilitation for Government Talks
Expert Facilitation Support Would Maximise the Prospects of Success with the Government Formation Process

Monday, 21st March 2016 – Commenting on the current attempts to form a government in the wake of the recent general election, President of the MII Sabine Walsh said “We urge all those involved in the process of Government formation to consider using independent facilitation services to support the process.”

“Given the uniqueness and complexity of the outcome of the general election, the use of expert independent facilitation services would enhance the prospects of a successful outcome”, said President Walsh.  “The establishment now of a structured framework with bespoke facilitation services would optimise the quality of dialogue between the parties involved and maximise the chances of success. The priorities of an independent facilitation team would be to ensure that a) the best background ambience for productive talks is provided and that b) the focus of the parties involved is maintained on achieving a comprehensive and workable agreement that will provide an effective and long lasting government. A successful outcome to this process is crucial for the country and it behoves us all to ensure that the best supports are made available. ”


About The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland
The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland is the professional association for Mediators in Ireland. It is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to promote the use of quality mediation by ensuring the highest standards of education, training, professional practice and regulation. 
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About Mediation
Mediation is a voluntary process of conflict prevention and resolution that allows the parties an opportunity to address their issues in a confidential, private and safe environment.  Mediators are trained in conflict resolution skills and techniques and have the expertise needed to give people the best possible opportunity to resolve their disputes.
Mediation is effective:

  • In single-issue and multi-issue disputes
  • In two-person and multi-party conflicts
  • In developing innovative and sustainable solutions when parties are willing but in deadlock
  • As a preventative intervention early in a conflict
  • As an alternative to avoid further costly public litigation

The mediation process improves communication, narrows outstanding issues, defuses emotions and defines areas of agreement.  Statistics show a success rate for mediation averaging 80 per cent.
For further information see or contact The MII PR Director, Stiofán Nutty, at +353 87 6175488

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