Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII) Welcomes Government Plans To Increase Use Of Mediation But Warns Against Compulsion

MII President also questions whether Solicitors acting for disputing parties are capable of advising their clients on mediation

Tuesday, 12th August 2014 – Commenting on recent media reports that government plans to reform Ireland’s Divorce and Separation System could include mandatory counselling and mediation, President of the MII Gerry Rooney said “We welcome all government initiatives that promote access and availability of mediation to the Irish people. In relation to family law, we advocate that parties involved in a potential separation process should be made aware of the availability, effectiveness and benefits of mediation before choosing to go to court. However, mediation is a voluntary process and it would be detrimental for disputing parties to be forced to enter a mediation process against their will. Indeed, there are also some separating cases that would be unsuitable for mediation.”


When asked as to whether solicitors would the best people to advise their clients on the process of mediation, President Rooney responded, “It is questionable as to whether advice on mediation could be imparted and be seen to be imparted in a proper fashion by a solicitor who was acting for a disputing party. The MII believes that such advice on mediation should be provided by a competent person who is experienced in mediation and not party to the dispute, however such a person could be a solicitor” 



RTE Drivetime Interview August 11th

An interview with MII President Gerry Rooney on RTE Radio’s Drivetime can be accessed 1 hour 10 minutes and 30 seconds into the programme at

About The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland is the professional association for Mediators in Ireland. It is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to promote the use of quality mediation by ensuring the highest standards of education, training, professional practice and regulation.  


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About Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process of conflict prevention and resolution that allows the parties an opportunity to address their issues in a confidential, private, and safe environment.  Mediators are trained in conflict resolution skills and techniques and have the expertise needed to give people the best possible opportunity to resolve their disputes.

Mediation is effective:

In single-issue and multi-issue disputes

In two-people and multi-party conflicts

In developing innovative and sustainable solutions when parties are willing but stuck

As a preventative intervention early in a conflict

As an alternative to avoid further costly public litigation

The mediation process improves communication, narrows outstanding issues, defuses emotions and defines areas of agreement.  Statistics show a success rate for mediation averaging 80 per cent. 


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