O'Donnell Keave

O'Donnell Keave

• Community
• Family
• Organisational/Workplace
• Restorative Practice
• Separating Couples

Available in: : Leinster, Co. Dublin, Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow

Mobile: 086 245 6409

Web: www.onesmallstep.ie

Email: hello@onesmallstep.ie

General Profile

Keave spent 13 years in broadcast journalism before becoming an accredited mediator in 2014. She has significant experience in mediation, facilitation and in conflict management coaching.

Keave's main interest is in relationship building and development - in the workplace and the family. Clients have found her to be solution-focused, improvement-focused and extremely skilled at enabling them to really listen to one another.

Working with Keave is cost-effective, collaborative and supportive. She is trained in restorative dialogue and practice. She specialises in helping you move through conflict and in empowering you to manage change.

Keave practices privately with OneSmallStep.ie - in Dublin and surrounding counties. She also does contract work as a Mediator with the Family Mediation Service (FMS) and is Mediation Co-ordinator with Community Law & Mediation (CLM) in North Dublin, Wicklow and Limerick.

Keave does a small amount of pro bono mediation and conflict management coaching with CLM; and with Dublin Community Mediation (The Mediation Bureau) in south west Dublin. She is an active member of both organisations' Sharing & Learning groups.

Since 2016 Keave has been involved in Mediation Awareness Week (MAW) every October. She has delivered Mediation Information Sessions across Dublin; and was one of the first judges in the inaugural 'All-Ireland Young Mediator Competition' in Blackhall Place.

Keave is delighted to have a chat with you at any stage, to see how she can help.

All specialities are self-selected by accredited mediators and does not imply specialist training in those areas. Additional training is required only for mediating with Separating Couples

Mediation qualifications and certificates

  • Mediation Act 2017: Mediator Practice Training (Karen Erwin / Erwin Bouchier Professional Solutions [EPBS], 2018)

    • MII Code of Ethics and Practice Training (Karen Erwin / MII / CLM, 2018)

    • Deepening Your Restorative Practice - Knowing the Right Conversation (Terry O'Connell, Real Justice Australia & Facing Forward / IIRP - at Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, 2017)

    • Restorative Practice - Facilitating Circles, Meetings and Conferences (Childhood Development Initiative / Restorative Practices Ireland, 2016)

    • Conflict Coaching - Cinergy (Community Law & Mediation Northside / Blossom Development, 2015)

    • Family and Separating Couples 32-hour Training (Community Law & Mediation Northside, 2014)

    • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills (UCD / Athena Mediation, 2012 - 2013)

Other qualifications

  • NFQ 7 in Sales and Marketing Management for SMEs (Griffith College Dublin, 2015)

    • MA in Film Studies (UCD, 1999)

    • BA in History & Sociology (NUIM, 1990)

Other relevant positions held

  • Mediator, Family Mediation Service (FMS) June-September 2018

    • Mediation Co-ordinator, Community Law and Mediation (CLM) 2017 - Ongoing

    • Board Member, Dublin Community Mediation (The Mediation Bureau) 2015 - 2017