MII Member Assessment - Appeals Process

This Review Process is applicable only where the Member Assesment is carried out by the MII. Where the Assessment is carried out as part of an Accredited Training Course any concerns should be address to the Training Organisation.

1. General Notes

Prior to partaking in assessment, each assessee will have full information on assessment criteria, marking schemes, names of assessors, and results process.


Results are issued to assessees from MII by post only.

2. Reviewing of Assessment

Within 21 days of issuing of results, an assessee may apply to MII for a review of their assessment. A request for review must be made in writing by the assessee. At this review, all assessor remarks will be available as will a discussion with the assessor.

There is no fee for reviewing assessment.

3. Appealing a Result

Within 10 days of reviewing the assessment, an assessee may appeal a result. No appeal may be made until or unless the assessee has applied to review their assessment.

The assessee may apply for a re-evaluation of their work. A re-evaluation means the reconsideration in detail of all or part of the existing assessment material where feasible by the internal and external examiners

An application for a review which is based on the sole grounds of disagreement with the assessment outcome will not be considered.


A request for re-evaluation must be made in writing by the assessee. This request must identify the element or elements of the assessment for which the re-evaluation is being sought. It must also specify the grounds on which the re-evaluation is sought and must contain all the information which the assessee requires to have taken into account in the re-evaluation.

The candidate may seek a re-evaluation under one of the following grounds:

  • The Assessment procedures were not properly implemented
  • Compassionate or medical circumstances that were made known to MII assessors (in writing) prior to or during assessment were not taken into consideration.
  • Compassionate or medical circumstances that the assessee was unable for valid reasons to communicate to the MII assessors prior to or during assessment.
  • Significant performance information was not taken into account by MII assessors.

MII will charge a re-evaluation fee of €150. This fee must be included with the letter of application for a re-evaluation. In the event that the result is changed, the Re-evaluation Fee will be refunded to the assessee.

The assessment will be forwarded to the Appeals Board. The Appeals Board may make one of three decisions:

  • Uphold the result
  • Amend the result, or
  • Refer the work for an external review.

If the Appeals Board decides to send the work for external review, it will be sent to an assessor who was not involved in the initial assessment. That external assessor will review the work in its entirety and return it to the Appeals Board with recommendations.

The Appeals Board on consideration of this may make one of two decisions:

  • Uphold the Result
  • Amend the Result.

This is the final stage of appeal.

Appeals Board

Council for MII will appoint two Advanced Members from Council and one member of the Accreditation Policy Committee to the Appeals Board. One of these members will be appointed chairperson. The Appeals Board will consider the appeal on the grounds on which it is based. All assessment evidence related to the appeal will be made available to the Board. The Board may consult with internal and external assessors as appropriate.

The Appeals Board decision is final.