MII Member Assessment

Member status assessment is a skills-based assessment. The criteria for the successful outcome of the Member assessment is the demonstration of appropriate application of mediation skills in accordance with the MII Member Assessment Guidelines.

Eligibility: MII Member assessment is open to MII registered Associate Affliates.

Assessment Process

  1. In advance of the assessment, each candidate will be issued with an outline of the on-the-day procedures.
  2. In advance of the assessment, each candidate will be given information on the role play that they will mediate. This role play will be based on a scenario from their general area of practise.
  3. Each assessed role-play will last for 50-60 minutes and will be video recorded to allow for review.
  4. Each role-play group, will, in general, consist of the assessment candidate, two role-players and an MII Assessor. There may be an additional observer/assessor and/or technical person present.
  5. The MII Assessor sits in on the mediation role-play and assesses the candidate's demonstration of mediation skills in line with MII agreed competencies.
  6. Each candidate, on completion of their role-play assessment, will be given a copy of the videoed role-play and a Self-Assessment Form. This self-assessment form is a self-reflective piece to be completed by the candidate, and will be considered by the MII Assessor in their final consideration. The assessment candidate should complete the self-reflection piece having reviewed the video of their role-play. The form should critique the candidates's performance stating why particular techniques were or were not used. The form has to be returned to the MII within 10 working days of the assessment. The self-reflective form must be completed by the assessment candidate without input or advice from other(s). 
    Note: The Member assessment is a skills-based assessment and demonstration of a satisfactory level of skills in the core areas as outlined in the Member Assessment Form is a mandatory requirement.
  7. Each candidate is required to draft a mediation agreement. If their role-play didn't arrive at a written agreement the candidate has the option of drawing up an agreement based on what the agreement might have looked like. The agreement should be submitted with the applicant's self-reflective piece.
  8. The assessment candidates may be asked to play a support role in other role-play assessments on the day.
  9. Each candidate will be informed of the outcome of their assessment within 25 working days of their assessment.
  10. A Review Process is available in the event of dispute as to the outcome of assessment.


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