MII Member Margaret Bouchier wins International Elder Mediation Award

MII Member Margaret Bouchier wins International Elder Mediation Award

A big congratulations to one of our Practitioner Members! 

The important contribution of Margaret (Mags) Bouchier to the global development of Elder Mediation was honoured by the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) at the Elder Mediation World Summit in Linz, Austria last week when Margaret was presented with the The Sherren Award for her contribution to Elder Mediation.  As Chair of the Ethics Committee, Margaret led an international team in conducting a review of the EMIN Code of Ethics drawing on the knowledge and experience of elder mediators, specialists and organisations working with ageing.  Margaret’s highly professional, thorough and thoughtful approach to the work of the Ethics Committee reflects the very values that the Code seeks to instill.

Well done to Margaret and well deserved!

About the Sherren Award

The Sherren Award is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate leading, talented Elder Mediators or advocates of Elder Mediation who are exceptioanl and consistent in exemplifying the sensitivities of Elder Mediation in all their interactions.

Mrs. Bonnie Sherren (1914 - 2012), a retired businesswoman from Prince Edward Island, was very supportive of the pioneering work done in Canada and was hopeful the Elder Mediation Internatrional Network (EMIN) would grow.  Mrs Sherrin wanted to recognise Elder Mediators who were making a difference for families and all those assisting with age related issues - not only in Prince Edward Island and in Canada but thourghout the world.  Mrs. Sherrin spent many years caregiving to her husband and understood the complexities that confront families both internally and externally with the systems that provide care and services to them.

Mrs Sherrin honored the Network by supporting this prestigious, annual award inviting EMIN to highlight an alturistic mediator or advocate of Elder Mediation who exemplifies professionalism, passion, consistency and action. 

Picture: Margaret (Left), Presenting the award Helen Harnett - Chair of EMIN (Centre), and Judy McCann Beranger -Founder of EMIN (Right)

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