MII Review for the International Mediation Institute

A grandfathering system for IMI certification will run until the end of June, 2009. There are various certification requirements outlined on the IMI website which MII accredited Certified and Practitioner members should be able to fulfil. One difference however is the requirement to have a Reviewer who will make comments on your practice and which will be available on the IMI website if you subscribe to IMI and apply to have your profile on their website. The MII has been recognised by the IMI as an accepted body and recognised IMI Reviewer based on our experience-based Mediator competency assessments for accreditation.

The MII conducted reviews on Friday 3 April for MII members wishing to submit for membership of the International Mediation Institute.

The review was a 2-step process:

Step 1:

Submission of documentation prior to review including:

  • List of relevant education and CPD courses undertaken in last 3 years
  • Log of commercial and/or workplace mediation cases showing type of cases, hours of mediation, whether there was a binding agreement, representation etc. 
  • List of feedback comments from clients in relation to cases mediated
  • Log of reflective practice including case consultancy, supervision etc.

Step 2:

Attendance at a 1/2 hour review to answer questions in relation to some of the cases undertaken by the Mediator.

The MII will notify Members in due course of the next review date for MII members.

For further information, see article from MII Newsbrief, March 2009.