National Traveller Monitoring and Advisory Committee (NTMAC)

Following an invitation by the then Minister of State at thte Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Franke Fahey T.D., the Mediators' Instute of Ireland (MII) was delighted to nominate a representative to this new Committee convened by teh Minister in March 2007. The Comittee have since met in March and June to begin their work of fulfilling specific commitments within the 'National Partnership Agreement Towards 2016' cooncerning service provision and supports for the Traveller community.

Approximately thirty representatives from government and non-government agencies form the membership and the focus of the March and June meetings has primarily been on contextualising the work of the Committee. The exciting work for MII can really begin now in helping the Committee understand how the practice of mediation will be fundamental in ensuring that the future needs of all stakeholders continue to be met.

For further in-depth background information on NTMAC, please visit teh DJELR website on http://www.justice/en/JELF/Pages/Traveller_initiatives.