Press Release: 'Mediators' Institute of Ireland welcomes Minister Shatter's commitment for increased use of Mediation'

Mediators’ Institute of Ireland welcomes Minister Shatter’s commitment for increased use of Mediation

20 June 2013. President of The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland Gerry Rooney today welcomed Minister Shatter’s comments in relation to how mediation rather than the courts could be used to resolve cases involving children and separating families.  

"Such increased use of mediation would result in better quality outcomes for children and their families in these difficult situations. The families themselves are supported through specialist qualified family Mediators to find the right arrangements to suit a family’s particular circumstance. Resolving such cases would be quicker and cost less of the state's resources, in addition to facilitating the voice of the child being heard and considered at such a sensitive time,” said Mr Rooney.

“The benefits of bringing a dispute to mediation instead of litigation are significant,” according to Mr Rooney.  “Mediation can work for separating couples, parenting issues, maintenance disputes, custody, access issues, adult child-parent disputes and inter-sibling issues.”

“We look forward to the publication of the Mediation Bill in early 2014 and its enactment should lead to many more cases being successfully resolved by mediation" said Mr Rooney concluded.