The MII Approved Mediator Mark

The MII has developed a set of quality marks including an MII Approved Mediator mark and an MII Accredited Mediation Training Programme mark.

The MII Approved Mediator mark indicates that the Mediator has been approved by the MII to mediate, is bound by the MII Code of Ethics and Practice ( and is subject to independent regulation.

The MII Accredited Mediation Training Programme mark denotes that the training programme has been assessed against specific criteria and that the accredited programme complies with the ongoing quality assurance criteria of the MII for accredited mediation training programmes.

The MII currently has in excess of 750 members and has accredited 24 mediation training programmes. For information on individual Mediators available for private work see and for details of MII accredited mediation training programmes see

Use of these marks is subject to compliance with quality standards set down by the MII.

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