Trainee Membership

A participant on, or a person who successfully completes, an MII approved training programme is eligible for membership of The MII as a Trainee Member - this is to support trainee Mediators in accessing training and networking opportunities through the MII. The Trainee Membership status is available for the year of start date of your training course and the following year.

How to Register as a Trainee Member

 Complete the online registration process and upload confirmation from the training provider of your enrolment on an MII accredited training course.  The registration fee is €25.00.

If you have completed your training you should upload your Certificate from the training organisation to show you have successfully completed your course.

For further information in relation to Trainee Members and how to progress from a Trainee Member to a Certified Member, see Trainee Member information booklet.

Trainee Member Benefits

The journey from Trainee to Associate level, Certified level and then to Practitioner level is both challenging and rewarding. The MII encourages Trainee Members to actively engage with other trainees and also accredited, practising Mediators to develop your skills and practice. Whether developing specific skills and knowledge, engaging in reflective practice or learning how mediation works in a particular environment, there are many opportunities for trainee Mediators, to engage and learn in informative and participative forums.

MII Trainee Members are entitled to:

  • Membership under the Trainee Scheme for the year of the start date of their approved training programme and the following calendar year.
  • Reduced member fees for symposium, conferences and some CPD trainings
  • Join a Sharing and Learning group
  • Attend sector meetings, AGM and any EGMs
  • Sit on appropriate committees

Please note:

  1. Trainee Members are not approved to practice.
  2. On progression to Associate, Certified or Practitioner Member status, the appropriate membership fee must be paid.
  3. The Trainee Member allowance is only applicable to participants of MII accredited training programmes.


If you have any queries or require further information please contact the MII at

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Certified Training Courses

The MII accredits mediation training courses which meet set training standards. The following training programmes have been recognised as MII approved training programmes.

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CPD Training

The purpose of CPD is to ensure that Mediators keep their knowledge and skills up to date for the benefit of users of their service and for their own personal and professional development.

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