Benefits of Mediation


" For me, control is the single most important benefit of using Mediation to resolve a dispute.  People in dispute often feel like they are losing control of important parts of their life, in their workplace, in their family life, in their finances.  The traditional mechanisms for airing differences - lodging complaints, bringing legal actions - these often only serve to intensify that loss of control;  the people at the heart of the dispute find that they no longer have any say in the outcome, others will decide their future.  The biggest surprise for participants in Mediation is that they, together, control the process, the timetable, the issues and the outcomes." Read more

Cost and Time 

"When it comes to finite resources such as time and money there's simply no contest; Mediation costs less and happens more quickly - it really is as simple as that.  Then on top of that there are the less tangible but important benefits of being a less stressful, more positive process which produces outcomes which are much more likely to succeed over time. From any objective standpoint Mediation ticks all the boxes." 

In life the rule usually is, if you save on time and money you sacrifice product and outcome.  Mediation is the exception to prove the rule; you can save both time and money while maximising your opportunity to secure the best possible outcome. Read more


"Confidentiality is a really important feature of Mediation.  Participants find the privacy of the process highly attractive - it certainly plays a big part in the 'nothing to lose' approach that many people have to Mediation.  If it works confidentiality protects the outcome to make it effective.  If it doesn't work no-one will even know it happened.  Confidentiality is the driving force behind a lot of Mediation's successes."  Read more


"I have never worked with a process as flexible as Mediation.  Disputes involve an unquantifiable number of different situations, different people with varying concerns and pressures.  Being able to assess all those differences, all those variations before determining the structure of the process sets up the participants to succeed in a way that no other dispute resolution technique can deliver.  Being able to deliver that felxibility, inspiration and imagination to the difficult process of finding solutions to the key areas in any dispute is the most important factor in making Mediation so successful in resolving disputes." Read more


" Disputes often involve fractured relationships.  Sometimes quite inconsequential differences can become much greater because of the breakdown in communication and respect between the parties.  As a lawyer I've seen the adversarial system turn disputes into conflicts and ruin the relationships of those involved permanently. Mediation does exactly the opposite by de-escalating the dispute into a negotiation rather than escalating it into a war.  As a process Mediation encourages mutual respect and provides a basis for people to interact in the future in a useful, civilised way.  I'm not claiming that Mediation suddenly makes everybody friends again, but I've seen it happen!" Read more


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