Standing Orders for Council and Committees

  • Meetings, Agendas, Documents and Minutes

  1. Agendas and papers for discussion to be circulated electronically or in hard copy not less than 7 days before the meeting.

  2. At least 7 days notice to be given of meetings. Preferably dates for meetings will be fixed at least three months in advance.

  3. A Secretary to the meeting to be appointed and minutes to be taken at each meeting

  4. Minutes to be circulated not more than 14 days after the meeting and changed if necessary, approved and signed by the chairperson of the meeting. Secretary of the committee to maintain minute book.

  5. Only items on or related to items on the Agenda to be taken at the meeting except in the case where timing makes it necessary to take the matter at the meeting.

  6. Unapproved Minutes of all committee meetings to be circulated to the executive secretary for circulation to the Council prior to the next Council meeting.

  7. Committee meetings to be held sufficiently far in advance of Council Meetings to enable unapproved minutes to be circulated with the Council papers for discussion at the Council meeting.

    • Potential conflicts of Interest

  8. At the first meeting in each calendar year the chairperson of the meeting shall ask members of the Council or committee to declare any interest that they have that might give rise to a conflict of interest with the MII. If a member of Council or Committee is not present at the meeting the chairperson on the meeting should follow up with them until all have an opportunity to make the declaration.

  9. At any time during the year should a potential conflict of interest arise the Member must declare it.

  10. Where a conflict of interest arises in relation to any topic the person conflicted shall excuse themselves and not take part in the discussion except with the consent of the chairperson of the meeting.

  11. The Honorary Secretary shall maintain a register of interests of council and each of the Committees which shall be available for the inspection of the Members.

    • Elections

  12. At least six weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting each member of Council will confirm whether or not they will be continuing in office for the next year in accordance with the By-Laws and, if they are due to retire, whether they are going to stand for re-election.

    • Confidentiality

  13. All matters discussed at Council and Committee meetings are confidential. If it is thought appropriate the meeting will agree what information may be disseminated to third parties.

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