GDPR Privacy Policy


GDPR and Privacy Policy

MII Policy on Privacy and Retention of Data under GDPR


Who We Are

The Mediators' Institute of Ireland is a company limited by guarantee, registered under Part 18 of the Companies Act, 2014.

The main object for which the Company is established is to promote the use of mediation as a process of dispute resolution in all areas by ensuring the highest standards of education training and professional practice of mediation and by increasing public awareness of mediation.

The Information We Process

To allow us to provide our services and to run our business, we collect and process various categories of personal information from our members and affiliates including basic information such as your name and contact details.

The MII will use member/affiliates data to communicate with them about their membership and issues that are of interest to MII members such as training, research and news articles.

The data requested by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland relates primarily to the individual applicant’s contact information and details of their mediation qualifications and work experience.

The MII also processes complaints from clients against MII members. A record of all valid and invalid complaints is retained in a secure and confidential manner.

How We Obtain Information

Information is sought directly from members and affiliates themselves primarily when applying for membership/affiliation or at the annual membership renewal stage.. When applying to become a member/affiliate of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) individuals are asked to provide personal data so that their application can be considered in line with the assessment criteria utilised by the MII to determine eligibility for membership or affiliation.

All members and affiliates are encouraged to renew their membership or affiliation online utilising a secure financial payment system. In some cases applicants may provide bank or credit card details in order to pay the application fee or annual subscription. The MII does not retain any financial information or bank details submitted by members or affiliates after payments have been processed.


In line with requirements under GDPR, the MII will only process members/ affiliates’ data where consent has been obtained. This consent option will apply to all new applicants from 25th May 2018 and will be included in all renewal application forms for 2019. In line with GDPR provisions all members and affiliates have the right to withdraw their consent to the usage of their data at any time. However, the withdrawal of consent will result in the cessation of membership/affiliation.

Storage of Information

Information is stored online is a secure database and offline in a secure filing system. Information is accessed only by authorised MII staff namely the Office Manager and the Registrar and is controlled by password protection.

Members and Affiliates’ Online Profiles

All members and affiliates also have the option of developing their own personal mediation Profile and uploading it to the MII website. This allows them to set and amend their privacy settings by making their information public on the MII website (Available to Mediate) or opt to show only that they are a Member/Affiliate of the MII and to hide all other information (Not Available).  Each individual is personally responsible for the content of their own personal Profile. Data contained in a Profile will be removed from the MII website on cessation of their membership or affiliation.

Sharing of Information

The MII will only use a member/affiliate’s information where it is necessary for us to carry out our lawful business activities. The Institute does not share its members and affiliates details with other organisations.

Retention of Files and Data

The MII is committed to ensuring that all members and affiliates data and complaint details are retained securely consistent with the mandatory periods of retention outlined below:



Category of Files

Period not

less than

Statutory or Regulatory


Protection of MII member

 – period of limitation

within which clients can

bring complaints against



All Files – both in hard

copy and in electronic

storage format

6 Years

Statute of Limitations Act 1957

Compliance with Accounts regulations

All Accounts Files – both

 in hard copy and in

electronic storage format

6 Years

Accounts Regulations,

S.I. 421 of  2001

In line with the Statute of Limitations Act 1957, when a person ceases to be a member or affiliate of the MII their file and data (both in hard copy and electronic format) will be retained by the Institute for a period of 6 years.

If after 6 years a former member or affiliate has not sought to re-join, their hard-copy file will be shredded and electronic data deleted. Only their basic details (name, contact details, member/affiliate history etc.) will be retained by the MII and will be archived on the online system. After 6 years, Expired members will no longer be contacted by the MII in connection with their membership status. 

In addition the MII will retain for a period of 6 years details of all unsuccessful applications for MII membership/affiliation. Incomplete applications (where the applicant has not supplied one or more component of the application requirements) are deleted after 3 months.

Your Rights

As a member/affiliate of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland you have certain legal rights to control your information and the manner in which we process it. This includes:

a) a right to get access to your personal information;

b) a right to request us to correct inaccurate information, or update incomplete information;

c) a right to receive the personal information you provided to us in a portable format;

If you have a concern over the manner in which your personal information may have been retained or used, you can contact the MII by email at or by post to

The Mediators' Institute of Ireland,

Suite 112, Capel Buildings, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7