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The MII oversees standards for mediators throughout the island of Ireland. We have made major strides in the development of mediation standards and practice in Ireland. Importantly our standards of training are universally recognised within the profession, with over thirty bodies now certified to provide MII accredited training.  These bodies include third level institutes, professional bodies, and recognised training organisations. In addition we hold a register of MII members who are required to adhere to standards of practice, continuous professional development, practice oversight, and a code of ethics.

  • The MII has been the driving force behind the promotion and development of Mediation as a profession in Ireland.
  • The MII has been at the forefront of developing the best possible Mediation practices.
  • The MII has raised public and governement awareness of the benefits of Mediation and its utility as a form of ADR.
  • The MII is the only organisation representing mediators in all 32 counties
  • The MII is the only organisation to accredit training and set training standards without conflict of interest. All training courses submitted for accreditation are individually assessed against detailed and robust criteria.
  • We are developing additional training standards for family mediation, elder mediation, restorative justice and workplace mediation.
  • We have proposed and driven the implementation of supervision requirements, Continuing Professional Development, and the creation of a network of regional Learning and Sharing groups.
  • Our MII Annual conference attracts the top thinkers, theorists and practitioners in mediation throughout the world and well known members of government and judiciary. Past speakers include – Kenneth Cloke, Peter Adler, Michael Lang, Charlie Irvine; notable attendees – Michael D. Higgins, Judge Catherine McGuinness, Judge Susan Denham.
  • We engage in the promotion and development of Mediation through organising CPD events and ongoing learning, sector meetings and vox pops, advocacy, PR and media work.
  • The MII has developed a detailed and thorough complaints and disciplinary procedures through its Code of Ethics and Practice and developed draft of national Code of Conduct in association with a national panel to be submitted to Department of Justice.
  • We have extensive links with other national and international bodies such as Edward M. Kennedy Institute, International Mediation Institute, Association of Mediation Assessors, Trainers and Instructors, Mediators Beyond Borders,


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Certified Training Courses

The MII accredits mediation training courses which meet set training standards. The following training programmes have been recognised as MII approved training programmes.

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CPD Training

The purpose of CPD is to ensure that Mediators keep their knowledge and skills up to date for the benefit of users of their service and for their own personal and professional development.

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