Continuing Professional Development requirements

The MII believe that to maintain a high professional practice standard a Mediator needs to continually develop professionally. The following requirements for Certified and Advanced Membership are the minimum but it is anticipated that most Mediators will exceed the requirements. The requirements are grouped into three different elements to reflect different areas of practice development. In line with best practice, the requirements for each element stand alone.

Overall Requirement:

MII CPD requirements are on a one-year cycle for all practising MII Mediators made up across three areas as outlined below.

In addition Code of Ethics training must be undertaken by all MII members once every three years. 


15 points (3 cases at 5 points per case)

  • Live cases or equivalent MII role plays.

*In the Family Sector this will require a mix of "comprehensive" cases and specific issue cases (e.g. parenting). Comprehensive means a case that deals with issues around the family home, e.g. parenting plan, maintenance, division of assets, etc.

Case Consultation:

8 points: Reflective Practice/SupervisionSharing and Learning

  • Active (ie. Case consultation/Reflective Practice/Supervision/Sharing and Learning related to actual cases, and/or case presentation of own case) =10 points (1 point per hour) (2 points per hour if you present at a sharing and learning meeting b. Peer Learning – books/articles/videos = 5 points (1 point per hour)


 8 points

  1. Presentation of lecture/workshop: 2 points per hour
  2. Presentation of paper at MII Annual Conference: 3 points
  3. Attendance at relevant lectures/conferences/workshops/seminars: 1 point per hour.


  • At the end of each cycle you will be asked to submit a declaration as to the number of CPD points you have achieved in the cycle giving the breakdown within the 3 categories.
  • The MII will randomly select a number of members in each year and ask them to substantiate their declaration.
  • You should keep a log of the mediations conducted (this can be presented as the LOG with the names and identities of the parties removed), a log of the reflective practice and peer learning and invoices, conference papers or other materials to prove attendance.
  • Where a complaint is lodged against an Advanced or Certified Member CPD verification will be sought.
  • The Council may, in its absolute discretion, require verification of a member's CPD without attributing any reason for the request.
  • Where a Mediator has not fulfilled the CPD requirements they may apply for exemption and have their case reviewed on an individual basis.

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CPD Training

The purpose of CPD is to ensure that Mediators keep their knowledge and skills up to date for the benefit of users of their service and for their own personal and professional development.

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