Cost and Time

"When it comes to finite resources such as time and money there's simply no contest; Mediation costs less and happens more quickly - it really is as simple as that.  Then on top of that there are the less tangible but important benefits of being a less stressful, more positive process which produces outcomes which are much more likely to succeed over time. From any objective standpoint Mediation ticks all the boxes." 

In life the rule usually is, if you save on time and money you sacrifice product and outcome.  Mediation is the exception to prove the rule; you can save both time and money while maximising your opportunity to secure the best possible outcome.

Reasons why Mediation is quicker and more cost-effective:

  • Some State-funded mediation services are free (such as the Family Mediation Service).
  • Parties share the costs of one mediator (rather than engaging representation on each side).
  • Mediation can take place once the parties are ready - there's no waiting for court time.
  • There are no significant delays such as routinely take place in litigation.
  • Mediations are generally much cheaper than court proceedings and take place in a much shorter period of time.
  • It is typical for a mediation process from instigation to conclusion to take place over a matter of weeks.
  • The Mediation meeting itself can take place and have the issues fully explored in one day.
  • Cost is further reduced by the agreement reached working as an effective resolution.

With a skilled MII mediator, an open mind and a willingness to engage and listen, Mediation can swiftly resolve even difficult disputes.  When parties have forged their own resolution they own it and are much more likely to adhere to it.  An effective mediation saves substantial amounts of time and money and provides peace of mind.

Information on Mediator's costs.

Mediators charge in a variety of ways (daily rate/ hourly rate/ flat rate).  VAT may be chargable on these fees. Mediators may charge for preparatory work as well as additional outlays and expenses (such as hiring a venue and travel costs).  You may be required to pay fully in advance, partly in advance or after each session. 

Always ask for full details on costing and fees before signing an Agreement to Mediate.

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