Applying Positive Psychology to the Mediation Process

Presented by Brian O'Connell. Mind Coaching Solutions. From Fri 25 Feb 2022 to Fri 01 Apr 2022

12 CPD Points


Mind Coaching Solutions: Online workshop series 


15 CPD Points

Skills, Techniques & Strategies to enhance your mediation/coaching practice

Mediators use many skills during the mediation process. This workshop series is designed to enhance your skill set by integrating additional skills and strategies into your mediation practice to motivate, influence and challenge others more effectively. By using thoughtful probing questions and skilful guidance you can help your clients generate new understandings, move beyond impasses, recognise differences and generate appropriate solutions.


This is a series of 5 online interactive workshops with practical exercises, examples and group discussion. 

Duration: Each workshop will take place online on Zoom from:  10.00am – 12.30pm  

                                    WORKSHOP SERIES

  • Friday 25th February 2022:  

       Creating rapport to secure positive outcomes

       Rapport occurs at many different levels and a mediator can use these to facilitate positive              

       movement and change. You will learn how to create rapport, manage clients’ emotions and   

       engage constructively with clients. This stage is crucial before any real progress can be made 

       in the mediation process.

  • Friday 4th March 2022:  

Agreeing well-formed outcomes to achieve lasting agreements.  

 You will learn how to ensure that the mediation process has a well-formed outcome so that there are no unintended consequences for clients. This ensures that the final agreement will meet the needs of all those directly affected by the dispute. You will also get the opportunity to clarify your own personal or work-related goals as we emerge from the current lockdown.

  • Friday  11th March 2022:  

Recognising and addressing conflicting patterns of behaviour.

Very often two people can share the same goal and yet end up in conflict because of opposing preferences of behaviour. You will learn about many different patterns of behaviour and how they can be balanced. Once you gain this understanding you can assist your clients to generate new understandings and solutions. You will also get the opportunity to gain awareness of your own patterns of behaviour.

  • Friday 25th March 2022: 

Influencing and challenging limiting beliefs to create new possibilities.

 Very often we all hold certain beliefs as absolute until they are questioned. Challenging the self-limiting beliefs of clients can be a real game changer in the mediation process. This workshop will equip you with thought provoking questions to achieve shifts in thinking and behaviour. You will also get the opportunity to challenge your own limiting beliefs.

  • Friday 1st April 2022: 

 Communicating effectively

This workshop will guide you in using persuasive language to generate new understandings. As you learn how to communicate more effectively through language the quality of your role in the mediation process will increase. 

Feedback from previous attendees:

''The workshop fully met my expectations’

‘Enjoyable and refreshing – great topics’

‘Great mix of participants and I learnt lots from the role plays. Many thanks’

‘I expected to learn about how to communicate and how communication occurs and I did’

‘The handouts were useful and will add to my practice’

In particular, I wanted to let you know that your calm and open professional approach contributed considerably to putting participants at ease, thereby creating an environment online that was conducive to positive learning and to free expression. I think this is one of the reasons why the course was so successful, opening up safe and trusted space for people to reflect, interact, learn and grow under professional and experienced guidance’


 Complete workshop series: €375, includes registration fee and course materials. (15 CPD points)

Early Booking Rate up to 31st January: €340

To book a place or for further information: 

Please contact Brian O’Connell  mob.0863803610

Places are only guaranteed once payment is made

 About the Trainer

 Brian O’Connell has wide experience as an Advanced Mediation Practitioner, Conflict Management Coach, N.L.P. Master Practitioner, Mind Coach, Trainer, Mentor, College Lecturer and Facilitator. He has integrated mediation skills with mind coaching & conflict management coaching to offer an effective and practical approach to help mediators and coaches enhance their professional practice.


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