Building Strong Relationships And A Healthy Workplace Culture Using A Restorative Approach

Presented by NUI Maynooth. From Mon 18 Sep 2017 to Mon 18 Sep 2017

NUI Maynooth

Terry O'Connell, renowned Restorative Practitioner and Founder of Real Justice Australia, is back in Dublin on 18th September to deliver a one day workshop at the Edward Kennedy Institute or Conflict Intervention, Maynooth University. Building Strong Relationships and a Healthy Workplace Culture is for Managing Directors, Line Managers, H.R Personnel and anyone who is responsible for leading and managing people in workplaces of all descriptions. Places are extremely limited. Please see attached flyer and link below. Price €175.00 including lunch and refreshments Booking online via

Conflicts,  tensions,  performance  management  or  inappropriate  behaviour  are  issues common to every workplace. The process you use  to  ‘engage’  others  is  critical  and  respectful  challenge  is  the  key.  This  is most  effective  where  there  is  a  shared  understanding  on  what  it  takes  to  foster  healthy  workplace  relationships. The  notion  of  a  ‘restorative’ culture  implies  that  the  focus  is  on  relationships  where  harm  [rather  than  blame]  provides  opportunities  for  learning  and  growth.   

In this One Day Workshop Participants  will  learn  how  to: 

        •  Build  an  explicit  practice  framework. 

        •  Be  more  consistent  and  intentional  in  day-to-day  work. 
        •  Respectfully  challenge  others. 

        •  Understand  the  importance  of  asking  the  right  questions   
        •  Levy  responsibility  and  accountability  to  others. 

        •  Facilitate  workplace  processes  with  greater  awareness  and 

This  workshop  is  ideally  suited  to  supervisors,  managers,  Human  Resources personnel  and  workplace  mediators. 

18th  SEPTEMBER  2017  from  9.30AM  to  4.30PM  :  Price  175.00

Lunch  and  Refreshments  Provided or  0879936237


Monday  18th September, 9.30am  to  4.30pm 

North  Campus,  Maynooth  University,  Maynooth,  County  Kildare 

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