Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Management

Presented by International College Dublin.

Wicklow House, 84-88 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2

General Information:


Region:                       Leinster and Dublin 

Principal Trainer:        Ellen Bryans

Contact Details:          (087) 3678299

Organisation:               ICD Business School, Dublin 2

Principal Contact:       Ellen Bryans
                                   Address:                     Wicklow House, 84-88 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2. (The college delivers QQI level 8 and 9 Degree                                                                           and Master’s Degree programmes)

                                    Phone: (01) 63333222   
                                    Email:  Ellen@ICD.IE or Joyce@ICD.IE

Course Information:

Course Structure:

Hours in training:      36 hours training and 24 hours MII approved assessment         

Hours in training:        60 hours                   

Hours required outside training:  120 independent learning

Venue:                     ICD Business School, Wicklow House, 84-88, Sth Great Georges Street,    

Course Timings:      9 am – 6 pm

Max number on course:  15             Cost: €1,900

Upcoming Programme Dates:         September, 2019 & October 2019


The Programme:

The main objectives of this programme is:  

  • To equip participants with the essential practical skills required in mediation
  • To enable participants to develop and practise facilitative mediation skills
  • To provide participants with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of mediation as an alternative form of dispute resolution;  
  • To train participants in the mediation process enabling them to complete the MII approved assessment


Methodology and evaluation

The learning approach will use presentations, group work, reflective discussions and role-plays around the skills of mediation.

Each participant will practice 3 aspects of mediation and will be assessed as per MII guidelines


Admission Requirements:   

Prior learning of practical nature related to workplace management or in another professional area is mandatory.

Senior Trainer:      Ellen Bryans

Training experience 

Ellen has been a college lecturer for the past twenty five years specialising in Employee Relations: Mediation and Conflict Intervention; Employment Law and Human Resource Management. She has worked in a range of private, semi-private and public organisations, and is now HR consultant to a medium size digital communication company

As a former Trade Union Official Ellen has gained a wealth of experience in various types of workplace conflict. She has been a practicing mediator for a number of years in areas such as workplace disputes, contract disputes, commercial and family disputes. She is also a voluntary mediator with the Community Mediation and Law Centre in Northside.



Ellen has a Masters’ degree in Mediation; a Masters’ Degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management; Degree in Law, a Post Graduate Diploma in Employment Law and a Diploma in Teaching and Learning. Ellen is also a conflict coach.

She is a Chartered Member of the CIPD and a Certified Member of the MII.

As a former Trade Union official and HR consultant, Ellen has gained a great deal of experience in the field of negotiation and conflict management. She is HR consultant to a medium size digital company.


Other Trainers: Desmond Gargan,

Training experience

Desmond has been a trainer and lecturer for the past thirty years. During this time he has trained learners in a variety of areas in particular in the area of conflict coaching, negotiation and conflict resolution; and CIPD training programmes.. He a Certified Member of the Mediation Institute of Ireland and a Member of the European Coaching Institute (MECI).


Desmond has extensive experience in the work environment having worked in both the private and public sectors. During this time he has gained invaluable experience in a variety of areas of workplace conflict having been a trainer and mentor for many years...

Desmond’s qualifcaton include MBA, MA, BBS, CFCIPD, MIAM, MECI, PGDip.(Res.); PGDip.(Edu.); Dip.IT; CELTA


Organisation: International College Dublin Business School Duration: 60 hours MII Approved: Yes

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