Certified Mediation Training Programme

Presented by Institute of Public Administration.

Dublin and nationwide

Presented by Institute of Public Administration.


Dublin and nationwide

Course Structure:

Mediation Training Dates for 2024:

Programme 1: January 15th & 16th , 29th & 30th , Feb 26th, 27th & 28th

Programme 2: March 5th & 6th , 20th & 21st April 16th & 17th & 18th

Programme 3: September 12th & 13th , 26th & 27th October 14th 15th & 16th

Programme 4: November 5th & 6th , 19th & 20th December 11th, 12th & 13th

January 2025 13th,14th.15th and 16th

Course price: €2850 (includes assessment)

  • The Cert in Mediation comprises of seven days in-person run over three modules within a three month period. An additional and separate assessment day will be run following each training programme following which successful candidates will be eligible to register as Certified Members of the MII.
  • Hours in training: 49 (7 hours x 7 days) hours in person led by fully qualified and experienced mediator trainers.  100% full attendance is required.
  • Hours required outside training: approximately 11 hours  outside the classroom (over night reading, research, write and submit 2/3000 word assignment, role play practice)
  • Venue: Institute of Public Administration, Training & Education Centre, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4 (also provided in-house for organisations as requested)
  • Ph: +353 1 240 3600
  • Website: www.ipa.ie
  • Email: training@ipa.ie
  • Course Timings: 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 pm daily in person
  • Numbers on course: Max of 12 participants
  • Cost: €2850.00 including MII Assessment on successful completion of the 60 hour course (The ratio of facilitators/mediators working with the group during each module of the training programme is four to one).

The Programme:

The Programme – Aims and Objectives

The overall aim of the programme is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Mediation as well as expertise in mediation skills for the management of workplace and organisational conflicts and disputes. The programme is suitable for those seeking to gain a greater understanding of mediation (leading to ‘Associate Member’ level of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII)) as well as those who aspire to practice as a Professional Mediator at ‘Certified Practitioner’ member level. (Trainees can qualify for ‘Certified Member’ status of the MII on completion of this 60 hour training programme plus attendance at an Assessment Day and successful completion of the assessment process i.e. a videoed role-play and written self-assessment piece, which is assessed by an independent MII approved assessor).

On completion of the training programme, participants will have:

  • An understanding of mediation as a mechanism for dispute resolution and its appropriate use
  • An understanding of the five step framework for mediation and how to manage the mediation process
  • An understanding of the Role of the Mediator
  • Developed mediation related skills including active listening, facilitation/negotiation/communication skills, ability to deal with different personality types and other intervention strategies used including a repertoire of relevant personal skills through experiential role plays
  • A greater understanding of their own personal skills development needs in relation to working as a Mediator
  • A greater understanding of conflict – types and causes of conflict
  • An understanding of why mediation, as a process, is rapidly developing in various facets of Irish society and business.

This course is suitable for:

  • Managers, Team Leaders, HR Practitioners, Consultants, Advisers and others who negotiate and deal with conflict and dispute resolution
  • Officials and non full-time Trade Union Representatives
  • Partnership Facilitators/Partnership Committee Members
  • Those who want to become accredited Professional Mediators
  • Anybody – at any level - with responsibility for resolving workplace disputes and conflict who wishes to enhance their skills in this area.

Methodology and Evaluation of the course

The programme takes place over seven days. run in three modules, over a 2/3 month period, is highly participative and practical. Learning approaches include short lecture inputs and facilitated group discussion. Much of the learning happens from insights derived from ‘working-through’ case-studies and experiential learning through role plays along with on-going feedback and coaching during these sessions.

Trainees will also be required to undertake an agreed mediation related project (2000 –3000 words) between the second and third module.

Evaluation of participants happens through ongoing assessment throughout the training programme along with satisfactory completion and presentation of a mediation related project.

Full attendance on the seven day course is required by trainees.

Admission Requirements

A genuine interest in Mediation as an approach to conflict resolution along with a discussion with lead trainer, Frances Stephenson, to ensure suitability of training programme.


Lead Trainer:  Frances Stephenson, MII accredited Advanced Mediator and Director of Mediation Training Programmes IPA. 

Frances works along side a team of highly skilled experienced mediator trainers who have many years’ experience working in mediation.


This Mediation Training Programme may also be run in-house for organisations

Contact details:Ph: +353 1 240 3600  E: Fstephenson@ipa.ie


Organisation: Institute of Public Administration Duration: 60 Hours + MII Approved: Yes - from September 2007

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