CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching Virtual Training

Presented by Mary Lou O’Kennedy. From Wed 27 Apr 2022 to Tue 24 May 2022

24 CPD Points

Delivered Online from 27th April to 26th May, 2022             Download PDF of course information

Delivered by: Mary Lou O’Kennedy, OAK Conflict Dynamics Ltd

Conflict Management Coaching is an increasingly recognised important Alternative Dispute Resolution process. It offers people an opportunity to anticipate, strategise and develop practical responses to conflict in their lives, whether in a personal or professional context. ‘It assumes that individuals can learn how to manage conflict better in their lives and to do so through dialogue’ (J. Macfarlane & B. Mayer: Conflict Management Coaching, The CINERGY ™ Model, Cinnie Noble, 2011)

This workshop provides participants with basic competence in the skills of the CINERGY™ model of Conflict Management Coaching. It is increasing used by professional coaches, mediators, HR professionals, business managers, leaders and conflict resolution professionals. It provides a range of conflict management tools that are used successfully to deal with relational conflict.

In the workplace it can be used in response to many issues including allegations of workplace bullying, performance related issues, change management, team development, personality clashes and other interpersonal workplace conflict.

This course is recognised for CPD points from the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the nature of conflict and their own responses to it
  • An understanding of the principles and methods of the CINERGY™

model of conflict management coaching

  • Certification of course completion, which along with practice hours

can lead to CINERGY™ qualification

  • This workshop is eligible for 24 continuous professional development (CPD) points from the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) and has been approved for 30 hours of Continuing Coaching Education) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). If you complete the preparatory reading and brief questionnaire, you will receive 2 extra ICF Resource Development units for a total of 32 CCEUs.
  • Mediator graduates from Canada may apply the hours towards the educational component of the QMed and CMed designations (in accordance with the ADR Institute of Canada). Mediators from outside Canada may also apply to use the hours toward continuing education units.


Content of the Workshop:

Among other things, this 4-day workshop includes the following topics:

  • the nature of conflict and conflict dynamics
  • theory, principles and methods specific to the CINERGY™ model of

conflict management coaching

  • stages of conflict management coaching
  • conflict management skills
  • applications of conflict management coaching
  • ethical guidelines and standards of practice


Methods Used in the Workshop:

Through self-reflection, skill-building exercises, discussion, simulations, demonstrations and skills practices, participants develop and practice conflict management coaching techniques and skills.


The training will be of specific interest to professional coaches, mediators, HR professionals, public and private sector managers and leaders, team supervisors, union officials, solicitors, barristers, and other conflict management professionals, who want to learn the fundamentals of effective conflict management.

For professional coaches CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching enhances your coaching skills in enabling your clients to manage a specific dispute or conflict which may play a significant part in the achievement of their goals. It provides you as coach with a structured framework with which to specifically address conflict which can be used by you as a discreet piece of work with your client or as in a complimentary way within your own processes.

For mediators and conflict resolution professionals CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching provides additional conflict intervention skills which can be used to great effect in pre-mediation and post mediation work or where mediation has broken down or is not an option for clients. The skills acquired also enhance the mediator’s effectiveness within mediation particularly in dealing with highly charged disputes and with clients with strong emotions.

For HR professionals, supervisors, managers, business owners and leaders CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching expands the range of options available to you in dealing with workplace conflict earlier and informally, thereby avoiding the formal and litigious route which can lead to prolonged and destructive outcomes. It also provides new skills and tools with which to respond to conflict in a way that deescalates it and supports those in dispute to resolve their situation with greater confidence.

Course Trainer:

Mary Lou O’Kennedy is a professional mediator and CINERGY™ conflict management coach and trainer. She is a founder director of Oak Conflict Dynamics Ltd, which provides mediation, conflict management coaching and training to corporate, public and private clients. Mary Lou brings over 20 years experience in the management of people and companies, and 13 years in conflict resolution to her work with OAK. She sees the value of the practical conflict management tools and skills developed by those who engage in alternative dispute resolution methods in resolving conflict and achieving positive outcomes whether in the workplace, business, or in private life.

Mary Lou holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Science from University College Dublin, and aa Masters in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She completed her certified training in commercial and family mediation with FriaryLaw (ADR, UK) and in workplace and community mediation with Athena Mediation. Mary Lou is also a certified CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coach, Mentor and Trainer and a Conflict Dynamics Profile Consultant and Master Trainer with the Institute of Workplace Dynamics, Paris, as well as a part-time lecturer and assessor on the Griffith College Certificate in Mediation programme. She is a member of the FriaryLaw mediation Panel, a Practitioner member of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland in which she served for 3 years as a Council member.


Cost: €1, 600 (for workshop only).


27th April 2022 - 26th May 2022

                          Course information Leaflet

Booking Details: Please contact Estelle Varney at

Times are in Greenwich Mean Time (Ireland)

Check to confirm your time otherwise.

Class and Skills Practice Schedule:

Class 1: Wednesday 27th April 2022 (13:00 – 16:00)

Class 2: Thursday 28th April 2022 (13:00 – 16:00)

Skills Practice 1 and 2: To be scheduled from 29th April to 4th May 2022

Class 3: Thursday 5th May (13:00-16:00)

Skills Practice 3 and 4: To be scheduled from 6th May to 17th May 2022

Class 4: Wednesday 18th May 2022 (13:00 – 16:00)

Class 5: Thursday 25th May 2022 (13:00-16:00)

Class 6: Wednesday 26th May 2022 (13:00-16:00)

Participants are paired and allocated a coach-mentor who will manage the coaching practices. Sessions are scheduled for two hours per session, at agreed times, and are conducted on the ZOOM online meeting platform.


As a Mediator and HR specialist working in an international environment, I found the Conflict Management Coaching Workshop, based on the Cinergy Model, to be extremely valuable.

Mary Lou O’Kennedy is inspirational in her mastery of conflict coaching. Skilfully using the Cinergy model, she observes, listens, zones in, engages, untangles and enables awareness, bringing new understanding and insight. In a practical and supportive way, Mary Lou mirrors back to us areas for improvement, shining light with precision on what triggers our own unique responses in situations of conflict.

Suddenly we just ‘get it’! There are several ’Eureka’ moments, both during the training and much later. It is then we discover that we are able to use our new found skills and tools not only for ourselves but also to benefit others.

Overall, a very worthwhile training experience with new angles and long-lasting effect that teaches us to trust the process, let go and gain valuable perspective.’

Anna Doyle, Mediator and HR Specialist, Brussels


‘I attended this workshop to equip myself with necessary tools and techniques to support my clients who were experiencing difficulty with conflict in their lives and the workplace.

The workshop was interactive, comprehensive and professionally delivered. I came away with deep insights and awareness of how to develop my own conflict competence.

I have since incorporated the CINERGY model into my coaching practice with successful results.

The model is both robust and easily understood by my clients and has made huge impact on the achievement of their desired outcomes.

Overall a great investment. ‘

Carina Furlong, MA MICF ACC, Professional Coach & Trainer, Ireland


‘As a mediator I identified the CINERGY Conflict Coaching workshop as an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of conflict (and in particular how I dealt with conflict myself) so that I am better prepared to deal with conflict in the mediation arena.

The Workshop set about providing additional skills and knowledge in the management and resolution of a specific dispute. In my view it is a well structured carefully thought through system by which the Conflict Coach assists an individual to align themselves more effectively with a new perspective for managing their responses to a specific conflict.

There was a natural progression from beginning to end and there was a real sense of learning a new powerful skill.

Mary Lou O’Kennedy comes across as a very accomplished trainer who worked really hard to make sure the experience was as good as it could be for the attendees. Her capacity for empathy and lucidity around difficult human situations makes her an excellent trainer in conflict and mediation scenarios.

I completed the workshop with a strong sense that I was now equipped with new skills and a new system for dealing with clients in dispute whether independently or within a mediation context.’

Austin Kenny, Commercial mediator, Ireland


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