CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

Presented by Consensus Mediation. From Thu 03 Oct 2019 to Wed 09 Oct 2019

Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
28 CPD Points

Course: CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

Module 1: Thurs/Fri 3rd/4th October, 2019
Module 2: Tues/Wed 8th/9th Oct, 2019
Organisation/Trainer: Consensus Mediation
Venue: Glen Royal Hotel, Maynooth  
Cost: Early Bird rate €1075 until September 20th, 2019  
€1200 after this date
Booking: All details available on

contact – 086-8252423 


Conflict Management Coaching Training

Learn How to Shift Emotional Blocks and Help Your Clients Resolve Their Conflicts

You have been asked to sort out an issue between Rita and Brian.
They haven’t been getting along at work for a while.

You meet them for initial one-to-ones to get some background and prepare them to sit down and talk it out.

But they seem a lot more dug-in than you had expected.
They’re not ready to sit together and figure this out in a reasonable way.

Brian is upset, hurt and very angry.

And Rita finds it hard to move away from telling you how awful Brian is.
‘Such a difficult person… I’ve never worked with anyone like this…’

You listen patiently, make murmuring noises. They continue to vent.

Getting them into a room together at this point just isn’t going to work…

How can you help them move out of their negativity?

What would help them dissolve some of the hurt and anger so they could be a bit more ‘rational’ about it all?



Learn A Powerful Coaching Model To Help Your Clients Untangle Their Conflict

in the  4-day CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching Programme

In this course you learn a step-by-step proven process, so you can be sure it will have an impact

  • This is a 4-day programme in 2 x 2-day modules which teaches you a robust, 7-stage coaching model that you can use right away
  • You get one-to-one mentoring as you practice on real-life conflict scenarios
  • Coach people to uncover what’s really at stake for them so they have more freedom and peace of mind
  • The next course takes place in Maynooth in October 2019
  • Module 1: Thurs/Fri 3rd/4th October, 2019
  • Module 2: Tues/Wed 8th/9th Oct, 2019


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