Conflict Coaching Summit – September/November 2021 Webinar Series

Presented by Conflict Coaching Summit. From Thu 09 Sep 2021 to Thu 18 Nov 2021

6 CPD Points

A series of 6 online webinars with a range of presenters from a variety of disciplines sharing their experience and expertise on concepts of interest to conflict management coaches and others who work with people in conflict.

  • September 9:     The Good Fight: Building Your Clients’ Mindset and a Skill Set for Productive Conflict Liane Davey
  • September 23: Let’s Explore the Connections Between Resilience at Work and Conflict Dr. Catherine Carr & Craig Runde
  • October 7: Coaching: The Art of Asking Questions Kenneth Cloke
  • October 21: The Law of Reciprocity and the Loss Aversion Bias Gary Furlong
  • November 4: Reflective Practice in Action Vik Kapoor
  • November 18: The Body in Conflict: Why Embodied Approaches are Crucial to Conflict Resolution Amanda Blake

All Webinar Sessions will be on THURSDAYS - 6:00-7:00 P.M. EASTERN TIME ZONE (Canada) The webinars will be held by ZOOM and the link forwarded to registrants prior to each session.
Sessions will be recorded and forwarded to all registrants.

Total cost for all 6 webinars: $120 Canadian (approx. €85)

Registration and more information:


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