Diploma in Mediation & Conflict Intervention

Presented by National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Maynooth, Co. Kildare

General Information:

Presented by Edward M. Kennedy Institute, Maynooth University

Principal Contact:  Programme Coordinator
Contact Details  01 7086635 / 7086629

Region: Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Organisation: Edward M. Kennedy Institute, Maynooth University, Maynooth, County Kildare
Experience: Training delivered in Ireland and internationally to many organisations.
Course Title: Diploma in Mediation & Conflict Intervention

Course Information:

Course Information
Course Structure: The course is taught in five blocks of five days and held on Mondays throughout the academic year.
Hours in Training:  187.50
Hours outside Training: At least 100 hours
Venue Maynooth University
Course Timings:  Mondays from 9.30am to 5pm 
Numbers on course  20 maximum
Cost  €5,000

The Programme:

Module 1
Theory and Practice of Mediation and Conflict Intervention

Module 2
Negotiation theory and skills.

Module 3
Systemic Practice, Agreement & Ethics

Module 4
Reflective Practice, Self Awareness & Cultural Awareness

Module 5
Theory for Practice

Course Aims:
The Diploma in Mediation and Conflict Intervention is based on the theoretical foundations of mediation and includes analysis of conflict theory, negotiation theory and approaches to conflict intervention. The course is structured around theoretical presentations and intensive skills development through exercises and role-play and the introduction to specialised areas of mediation practice. It is aimed at those who wish to develop mediation skills for application in their area of work or for developing a career in mediation and fulfils requirements for certification within the regulations of the Mediators Institute of Ireland. The course is comprised of five modules consisting of lectures, skills training and project work held over one year.

Course Objectives:

  1. Students have knowledge of the theory and practice of mediation, conflict paradigms and conflict intervention theory principles and practice, so that they have a strong theoretical base to their practice.
  2. Students develop mediation and conflict intervention skills through the application of theory to practice in roleplay so that they are skillful mediation practioners.
  3. Students develop self awareness in their communication skills through reflective exercises and coaching so that they are aware and reflective in their mediation practice.
  4. Students have ability to analyse conflict through conflict mapping and systemic analysis so that they process and plan intervention strategy.
  5. Students have knowledge and practice skills in reality testing, bargaining and negotiation to enable negotiations between parties in mediation.
  6. Students recognize and can work with power issues in mediation.
  7. Students are congruent in their practice with the value base of mediation.
  8. Students are ethically sensitive and competent.
  9. Students have ability in conducting caucus, shuttle mediation and co-mediation through knowledge and role-play so that they are able to enact these practices in mediation.
  10. Students are competent in drafting mediation agreements using clear and concise and neutral language.
  11. Students have ability in facilitating expressions of regret and apology between parties in mediation.
  12. Students are prepared to take a Mediation Competency Assessment. This assessment also entitles them to Certified Status with the Mediators Institute of Ireland.

Methodology and Evaluation:
Course Assignments, Competency Assessment

Admission Requirements:
Applicants will be required to submit a one page personal statement stating their reasons for wishing to undertake a diploma in mediation and apply online to www.pac.ie

General Comments:

Organisation: Edward M. Kennedy Institute, Maynooth University, Maynooth, County Kildare Duration: 60 Hours - 220 Hours in full MII Approved: Yes - from September 2006

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