Elder Mediation Training for EMIN Certification

Presented by Later Life Mediation. From Tue 03 Mar 2020 to Thu 08 Oct 2020

Avila, Donnybrook
42 CPD Points

Elder Mediation Training for EMIN Certification

In response to requests from a number of different parties for further training, we are delighted to announce that Later Life Mediation will offer a six-day training course in Elder Mediation in Dublin in 2020.  The course is open to all accredited mediators.

Participants who have already completed training with Later Life Mediation are invited to sign up for the days which they have not already covered.  The full six-day programme will suit those who have not already done training.

Location                      Avila, Donnybrook, Dublin       www.avilacentre.ie

Dates                   Day 1 March 3

Day 2 March 4

Day 3 March 5

Day 4 October 6

Day 5, October 7

Day 6 October 8

  • Participants who have completed the Day 1 Introduction to Elder Mediation day will not need to do Day 1
  • Participants who have completed the three-day Advanced Family Mediation module in Elder Mediation in Maynooth University will not need to do days 1 and 4

Trainers                      Helen Harnett, Claire Kearney, Brian O’Neill, Frances Stephenson

                                    All four trainers have Cert.EM Advanced accreditation from EMIN.

Content                      42 hours of training which is recognised by EMIN for certification purposes

The course will focus on the knowledge base required to practise as an elder mediator including:

  • Dementia and other chronic diseases
  • Capacity
  • Legal Issues
  • Elder Abuse
  • Grief and Loss
  • Intergenerational dynamics and power balancing
  • Ethical issues


Skills development activities will be a core element of each day and will relate to the course content of the day. Each training day will be focused, varied and interactive.

This course is recognised by EMIN for certification purposes. For EMIN certification requirements supplementary training hours will be required in addition to the hours provided by this course. Previous candidates for certification have fulfilled the extra hours through free online training and by providing evidence of training already done in other contexts.


Accommodation        A limited number of rooms are available in Avila. Bed and breakfast costs 60 euro per night www.avilacentre.ie

Cost                             200 euro/175 sterling per day

                                    175 euro/150 sterling per day for participants travelling from overseas

Deposit                       To book a place a non-refundable deposit of 100 euro/90 sterling should be paid by December 16th, 2019

Booking form             Please email info@laterlifemediation.com for booking form and bank    details for deposit



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