Family (Separating Couples) 32 Hour Course, FULLY BOOKED

Presented by ARC Mediation. From Thu 28 Jan 2021 to Fri 12 Feb 2021

32 CPD Points

Presented by ARC Mediation. From January 28th 2021, 2 full days and 4 half days 



32 CPD Points

The Programme:

The primary aim of this course is to provide participant mediators with essential knowledge and skills to enable them to provide a competent and supportive mediation service to enable separating couples to address issues in dispute. 

Admission Requirements:   

The course is designed for mediators who have completed an MII accredited 60 hour mediator training programme, or equivalent, and wish to practise in this area. 32 hour Family (Separating Couples) training is a mandatory requirement for MII mediators who practise in this area.

Organisation; Arc Mediation, team of 3 trainers

Principal Trainer; Dr Róisín O’Shea, Dip BA (Hns) law, PhD, Mediator.

Region; Online - Ireland

Dates; (Week 1) Full days 28th, 29th January 2021 & (Week 2) Half-days 4th, 5th February 2021 (Week 3) Half-days 11th , 12th February 2021.

Duration; 32 Hours

Price€ 1,500

Price includes training materials


Venue; ONLINE via Zoom



Week 1
28th January - Full day (9:15am to 6pm) - Family Law Modules 1 & 2

29th January - Full day (9:15am to 6pm) - Family Mediation Processes (& associated Role-play)


Week 2

4th Feb - afternoon (2pm to 6pm) - Parenting (& associated Role-play)

5th Feb - afternoon (2pm to 6pm) - Child Protection (& associated Role-play)


Week 3

11th Feb - afternoon (2pm to 6pm) - Domestic Violence & Screening Processes (& associated Role-play)

12th Feb - afternoon (2pm to 6pm) - Couple Dynamics (& Final Role-play “Putting it All Together”)



Bookings and, 051 348336, 087 2184763


Booking is on a first-come, first-served basis with limited places per course to ensure a low attendee/presenter ratio. To book your place a deposit of 20% is required, paid inter-bank or by cheque, payable to Arc Mediation. This deposit is non-refundable unless Arc has to cancel the course. The training fee balance must be discharged no later than 16 days before the start date. Once full payment has been received your place is secured and you will receive a confirmation email. Full terms and conditions available on application including our Data Protection policy. Preparatory work will be required prior to attending each day of training.

 About Arc Mediation

The Arc mediation training team have significant experience in the field of mediation, in public and private sector practise, lecturing at third level or carrying out research in the field, and delivering mediation and mediation skills training.

 About Dr O’Shea

Roisin is a Partner in Arc Mediation and an award-winning former Irish Research Council scholar, who was awarded a Ph.D. in 2014 for her doctoral research on Judicial Separation and Divorce in the Circuit Court, Ireland. She is an expert in Family Law and has recently been appointed to the Child Maintenance Review Group by the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection 2020-2021. She has significant experience as a mediator completing hundreds of cases since 2009 including family, work-place and commercial mediations. Dr O’Shea is a Director of the Mediators Institute of Ireland since 2015, and a member of the Family Mediation Committee engaged in developing training and template documents for members. She has been appointed a Regional Leader in the field of mediation in 2020/2021 by Waterford Chamber of Commerce, is an approved Skillnet trainer delivering courses on mediation skills to managers, she has delivered training on family law and mediation to Bar Councils since 2013, has delivered Friarylaw training for Civil & Commercial Mediation, and is an experienced family mediation trainer

The programme comprises the following modules;  

Family Law (8 Hours) Module 1

  • Current family law practices and recent case law in the area of Family Law. Family law legislation, including Judicial Separation and Divorce and an overview and analysis of the Mediation Act 2017.
  • Domestic Violence legislation, including an overview and analysis of developments under the Domestic Violence Act 2018.
  • Guardianship and the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015
  • Separation Agreements, the legal context.

 Family Mediation Processes (8 Hours) Module 2

  • Mediation process and Mediator obligations under the Mediation Act 2017
  • The Agreement to Mediate
  • Dealing with the Family Home, division of Marital assets, Spousal and Child maintenance, pensions and tax implications.
  • Understanding issues of Succession
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements; the essential dos and don’ts
  • Mediation and the Courts

Parenting (4 Hours) Module 3

  • Facilitating parents drawing up parenting plans and negotiating future arrangements for their children, in the best interests of the child and based on best practice informed by international research.
  • Child-inclusive mediation and hearing the voice of the child

Children protection (4 hours) Module 4

  • Children’s wellbeing
  • Child protection legislation, Ireland and EU
  • Child protection policies and procedures, and how to implement them

Domestic Violence & Screening Process (4 hours)

  • Screening for domestic violence
  • Identifying domestic violence/abuse, mediating safely and protecting clients
  • Understanding Domestic Violence legislation in the context of mediation
  •  Identifying and dealing with power imbalances

Couple dynamics (4 hours) Module 5

  • The psychological dynamics of separation
  • The complexity of separating couple dynamics in mediation
  • Dealing with anger, frustration, loss in the mediation process
  • Positive steps to assist clients deal with the emotional context as they move though the process of mediation

 Course Objectives;

  1. To provide sufficient legal knowledge, including an over-view of the Mediation Act 2017, to enable participant mediators to understand and navigate the legal context of separating couples.
  2. To provide an overview of child-inclusive mediation, to include parenting in the best interests of the child, the legal context, child protection issues and children’s experience of family breakdown.
  3. To provide information on family mediation structures and processes
  4. To provide insight and knowledge on couple dynamics during the separation process.
  5. To provide insight and knowledge on Domestic Violence/Abuse and screening processes




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