Friarylaw ADR Separating Couples/Family Mediation Training - clone

Presented by Friary Law. From Mon 08 Oct 2018 to Wed 31 Oct 2018

92/93 Saint Stephen's Green, Dublin 2,
32 CPD Points

General Information:


  • Region: Dublin (but has an all-island and EU reach)
  • Principal Trainers: Joanna Campbell & Sabine Walsh
  • Organisation: Friarylaw ADR
  • Principle Contact:    
Dee Khuwais
  • Address:    Friarylaw ADR, 92/93 Saint Stephen's Green, Dublin 2,
  • Phone:  +353 (01) 428-3322
  • Email:                             
  • Web:


Course Information:

Course Structure: A four day Training Programme

Venue:   92/93 Saint Stephen's Green, Dublin 2,
Course Timings:   
9am to 5.30pm/6pm daily
Max number on course:  15             
Fee: €2,250

Upcoming Programme Dates:  Mon & Tues 8th & 9th and Tues 30th & Wed 31st October, 2018


The Programme:

Course Aim:   The primary goal of this programme is to equip delegates with the essential skills and understanding to enable them to mediate separating couples. On successful completion of this programme, in consolidation with the 60 hour accredited mediator training, candidates will receive accreditation as a Family Mediator with Friarylaw ADR, an accredited body under the Civil Liability and courts Act 2004. Friarylaw ADR is also empowered to qualify mediators via the Qualified Assessment Programme (QAP) of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) as “IMI Certified” Mediators.

  • Understand the role mediation plays in the family environment
  • Develop advanced facilitation skills to assist the parties formulating their Memorandum of Understanding their Statement of Means. 
  • Acquire competencies to distinguish issues from interests and develop solutions
  • Enhance the candidate’s own listening, probing and evaluation skills thereby improving internal communication
  • Provide mediator accreditation so that a candidate can act as a  mediator 


Methodology and evaluation:


Session 1 – Essential Mediation 

Session 2 – Family Mediation Structures & Processes

Session 3 – Family Mediation Documentation

Session 4 – Family Mediation in Action – Suitability for Mediation



Session 1 – Dealing with the Emotional Environment of Family  Mediation

Session 2 – Family Law 1 - Ending the Non-Marital Relationship &  Family Law

Family Law 2 – Division of Assets & Finances

Session 3 – Family Mediation in Action – Working with Finances

Session 4 – Changing Families



Session 1 – Family Law 3 – Children in Relationship Breakdown

Session 2 – Children’s Experience of Family Breakdown

Session 3 – Parenting in Mediation

Session 4 – Child Protection – Law and Regulations



Session 1 – Family Mediation in Action – Co-Mediation

Session 2 – Family Mediation in Action – Child Protection and     Domestic Violence

Session 3 – Family Law 4 – The Non Marital Family

Session 4 – Drawing it Together – Practicing Family Mediation



Assessment –  Completion of Mediation Training & Formal Video Assessment


Admission Requirements:    Completion of the Friarylaw ADR Ltd recognised 60 hour Certified Mediation Training Programme or similar certified programmes which meet the MII criteria.


Senior Trainers:     Joanna Campbell & Sabine Walsh


Senior Trainer:   Joanna Campbell & Sabine Walsh

Training experience:

JOANNA CAMPBELL B.Eng DSHWW Accredited Mediator & Trainer. Joanna holds an honours degree in Engineering from the University of Ulster, a graduate diploma in occupational health and safety from University College Dublin, a graduate diploma in quality management from the University of Limerick and a certificate in Training and Continuing Education at National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Joanna became accredited as a mediator with Friarylaw & ADR Group in March 2005. 

• Since 2000 Joanna has been the principal of a successful management consultancy specialising in training and dispute resolution. 

• She is principle of Northeast Mediation, an entity established to provide an alternative means of resolution to the business community.  

• In addition to her work as a mediator, Joanna also worked with a wide variety of clients in the establishment of systems and procedures and delivers in a range of tailor made in house training programmes. 

• Joanna has being training Friarylaw candidates for almost four years and enjoys a very high reputation with Friarylaw trained alumni.

• Co-trainer on Friarylaw and the International Mediation Institute’s Certified Family Mediator Training and other events such as Certified Mediator Training, Mediation Skills Workshops and seminars. (On-going since 2010).

• Co-trainer, Certified Workplace Mediator Course, CMD Training Institute , Sligo (2012)


SABINE WALSH LLB, LLM, Accredited Mediator & Trainer

Sabine practiced as a solicitor before qualifying as an accredited mediator. She now works full time as a mediator and trainer. She was the Irish candidate for the EU funded TIM Training in International Mediation in Brussels in 2011 and is now a member of the European Network of International Family Mediators. She is one of the regular writers for the Kluwer Mediation Blog and is co-editing Kluwer International’s EU Mediation Handbook, and Challenges in Family Mediation: Personal and International Perspectives with Lisa Parkinson in the UK. She is a member of the Advisory Board for the International Social Services Guide on International Family Mediation. She is a native German speaker, a Certified Member of the MII, a member of the Law Society’s Panel of Mediators, and is a founder and the President of Mediation Solutions Northwest. She has been shortlisted for an Irish Law Award in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Category in 2013. 


• Co-trainer on Friarylaw and the International Mediation Institute’s Certified Family Mediator Training and other events such as Certified Mediator Training, Mediation Skills Workshops and seminars. (On-going since 2010).

• Lead trainer, Certified Workplace Mediator Course, CMD  Training Institute , Sligo (2012)

• Certified Online Mediation Trainer, Juripax (Dublin, 2012).

• Workshop Facilitator at Cross Border Mediation Conference,  Berlin 2012.

• Trainer, Certified Mediator Training, United Training Sligo  (2013)

• Provider of CPD Seminars on mediation for Sligo, Mayo and  Roscommon Bar Associations and for Law Society of Ireland. 

• Guest Lecturer and External Tutor, St. Angela’s College, Sligo. 

• Other lecturing:

◦ Friarylaw Mediation Conference Symposium March 2010 (TCD) 

◦ Mediation Solutions Northwest Seminar on Mediation 2012  (Ballina) 

◦ German Irish Lawyer's Association Annual Conference 2010 &  2011 

◦ Workshop Leader, Mediation Across Borders Conference, Berlin  2012.

◦ Workshop Leader and Member of International Round Table,  World Conflict Resolution Day (UK) (2012)

◦ Workshop Leader, Mediator’s Institute of Ireland Conference  2012.

◦ Member of Judging Panel, International Mediation Tournament  (Law Society 2013)

◦ Speaker, Women in Conflict Resolution Conference, Law  Society, 2013.

◦ Presenter for CPD Wise (Online CPD Company) ongoing.



Other Trainers: Oliver J. Connolly

OLIVER J. CONNOLLY, is a graduate in law and lecturer in law in Trinity College Dublin, where he teaches civil & commercial arbitration and mediation on Trinity’s Masters in Law (LL.M) programme. Oliver has 20 years’ experience as a lawyer (Ireland, EU cross-border and international) having qualified as an attorney in New York and as a barrister at both the English and Irish Bars (is a member of London Chambers at 36 Bedford Row). Oliver has also been admitted to the Bar of Northern Ireland. He holds various other post-graduate & professional qualifications (Dip Arb., Dip Int Arb., Dip BS, FCIArb, Accredited Mediator) and he is an ADR committee member of the American Bar Association (ABA), the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA). Oliver has previously served on the Bar Council of Ireland’s ADR & Arbitration Committee and on the ruling council of the Irish Commercial Mediation Association (ICMA). In 2002-2003 he served as the Hoellering World Fellow in residence with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in New York and he was honoured to have been admitted to practice before the Bar of the United States Supreme Court upon petition by the Irish American Lawyers Association. He is the founder of Friarylaw, a leading ADR service provider and educationalist, and at the Friary he leads an active team of lawyers and non-lawyers highly committed to the promotion and servicing of time and cost efficient dispute resolution in Ireland, north and south, and to reform in the law and legal services that can enhance access to justice for Irish citizens and businesses. 


In 2011 Oliver received an Irish Government appointment, from the Minister for Justice, as Confidential Recipient to those members and employees of An Garda Síochána (i.e., Irish Police Force) who may wish to report, in confidence, allegations of misconduct or wrongdoing pursuant to S.I. No. 168/2007 — “Garda Síochána (Confidential Reporting of Corruption or Malpractice) Regulations 2007”. 


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