Little Voices in Big Decisions: The Child in Family Mediation

Presented by NUI Maynooth. From Mon 21 Aug 2017 to Mon 21 Aug 2017

NUI Maynooth

Development workshops for our Graduates and colleagues in the field of mediation and conflict intervention.

On 21st August we are delighted to host Little Voices in Big Decisions: The Child in Family Mediation with Lindara Kiely on 21st August 9.30am to 5pm. The workshop looks at interventions that can happen in mediation to counteract the fact that the voice of the child can be lost when parents are suffering the trauma of separation, rejection and guilt. To apply please click below. Participants must have completed a mediation course accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland to attend.

Hearing the Voice of the Child in Family Mediation

Date:21st August 2017

Times:9:30am to 4:30pm

Session Fee:€75.00

WebsiteEdward M Kennedy Institute

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Phone: 087 993 6237 - Catherine O'Connell


Mediation to manage separation and divorce is reputed to have better outcomes for children than court. However, parents in mediation are often stressed, angry, emotionally charged and / or grieving and are not always able to focus on their children’s best interests and needs at that time. Therefore, it is the mediator who must bring these voices into the room and most importantly allow them to be heard and acted upon.

This one-day practice orientated workshop will enable you to:

  • Examine the implication of the Children and Family Relationships Act 2016 and the much anticipated Mediation Bill 2017 for Family Mediators
  • Develop skills in changing the focus of parents from their conflict to their children’s issues
  • Explore different ways to bring the needs and wishes of children into play metaphorically
  • Discuss the issues around child consultation in mediation
  • Practice skill development using role play

Facilitator: Lindara Kiely, Family Mediator, M.A. Mediation and Conflict Intervention

All participants must be mediators registered with the Mediators Institute of Ireland or equivalent.

Lunch is not provided: Restaurants are available on campus and in Maynooth town

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