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Continuing Professional Development

The purpose of CPD is to ensure that Mediators keep their knowledge and skills up to date for the benefit of users of their service and for their own personal and professional development. CPD has an underlying ethical premise that asserts that clients have a right to expect competent and skilled practitioners. Thus every Mediator has a responsibility to maintain and develop knowledge and skills, and alongside the individual responsibility, lies the professional Institute's obligation to provide the means whereby this can happen.Most professional bodies acknowledge that CPD is a commitment to lifelong learning with an emphasis on 'home skills', thus for the MII, the emphasis is on mediation skills.The MII requires that all practising Members complete a minimum of CPD hours and has agreed a CPD points system.

Additional mandatory training required for mediating with Separating Couples - 

40 hours Separating Couples training is mandatory for members who wish to be certified to mediate with Separating Couples. See Accredited Family Training for upcoming courses


For information in relation to MII accreditation, membership, ethics or policy you should review the relevant section of this web site or contact for information

For information on becoming a registered MII member, please see Membership Overview.

CPD Course Listing

Please note:

  • CPD courses are listed for advertising purposes and are not accredited by the MII.
  • Not all courses are run the MII. Please contact the training organisations listed for the course for more information

Galvanise - Start and Grow Your Mediation Business - online

Presented by Mediator Academy. From Tue 06 Feb 2018 to Tue 06 Feb 2018

12 CPD Points


A Step-By-Step System For Mediators Who Want To Start And Grow A Profitable Mediation Business

Galvanise is a 4 week Online Coaching programme that will require a time investment of approximately 3-5 hours per week. 

You’ll also have access to the entire programme for a full 12 months after the 4-week period programme.

How this Coaching Programme Will Give You an Unfair Advantage:


·       Whether you’re just starting out, thinking of a career in mediation or you’ve been struggling to get your mediation practice off the ground, this 4-week online coaching programme will help you learn:

  • How to avoid the costly mistakes most mediators make when starting out.
  • How to identify the right market for you and position yourself in it strategically.
  • How to attract the right kind of customer (that will pay you for your expertise).
  • How to position yourself and stand out from other mediators in your market. 
  • How to cultivate relationships with influencers and referrers and be the first mediator they call.
  • Which complimentary services can help your cash register 'tick over'.
  • How to sell yourself, your skills and expertise confidently and congruently.
  • How to get your referral engine started and keep it topped up with fuel.
  • How to build an efficient and effective marketing system on a shoestring budget.
  • How to convert enquiries into cases and overcome 
  • resistance to mediation.
  • How to win the trust and confidence of lawyers so they work with you not against you.
  • How to establish a unique online presence and confidently use the right social media channels.


When you register for Galvanise you’ll also receive
1-Year Premium Access to Mediator Academy (Value $400)

·                  Access over 1200 Video Master Classes

·                  Specialist Online Mini-Courses

·                  Create your Mediator Profile and advertise your services

·                  Earn CPD Points when you learn




The day has finally arrived and I am making no apologies for my levels of excitement, so let me explain...

First, I hope you found something useful within the Mediation Marketing EBook - it's been staggering seeing the number of downloads of the EBook. Furthermore, from your generous emails, comments and survey results we've been able to learn a tremendous amount about the challenges that impede the progress of many a mediator. Marketing was just one piece of this jigsaw.

Secondly, and this is the bit that I'm excited about. (If you can't wait, you can jump straight to this 4-min video - but I suggest you read on..)


It's always been my philosophy at Mediator Academy to learn from the experience of others because I believe we are drowning in information but starved of wisdom.

Over the past 4 years, I've interviewed hundreds of mediators from around the world, from 'the big names' as well as those that are quietly going about their business - all experiencing success; all well on their way to realising their dreams and aspirations. 

The one big thing I have learnt is that success leaves clues.

You see many of these mediators consider themselves lucky, deep down I think they are all humble souls. But when it comes to building a business of any kind, I think you make your own luck.

Once again to quote my favourite Roman Stoic Philosopher: 

'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Seneca

So together with my team of Sherlock Holmes' masterminds we've assembled a faculty of a dozen mediation titans and have distilled into 5 modules a step-by-step blueprint to help you start, launch and grow a mediation business.

Today I'm excited because I'm announcing the launch of our 4-week online coaching programme for mediators called Galvanise. This is a complete foundation to help you start, launch and grow a mediation business.




So if you are:

·                  Starting out in mediation.

·                  Struggling to get momentum and get your business off the ground.

·                  Looking at how to you can increase your referrals 

·                  Wanting to Shorten your learning curve and learn from mediators with proven track records

...then this programme is essential for you.

Because it's an interactive online programme running over a 4-week period, places are limited and we'll be closing registration on 6th February after which the course will begin.




Onward and upwards!


Founder | CEO

Mediator Academy


P.S. Registration for 4-week online coaching programme is now open and there are some real advantages to getting in early.

CLICK HERE for 'next steps >>




22 Upper Ground
London, London SE1 9PD
United Kingdom



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Code of Ethics and Practice Training

Presented by Karen Erwin. From Wed 08 Nov 2017 to Wed 08 Nov 2017

MII, Unit 2.1 The Distillers Building, Smithfield,
3 CPD Points



Date and time: Wednesday 8th November 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Location: The MII Office, Unit 2.1 The Distillers Building, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Facilitator: Karen Erwin

Session qualifies for 3 CPD points for MII members.
Session Content:  
This mandatory training on the Code of Ethics and Practice of the MII will be an interactive session on items in the Code of Ethics and Practice highlighting issues such as confidentiality and case management with examples from mediation experiences and, where appropriate, cross referring to the Mediation Act 2017.
The training session will be given by Karen Erwin, past President of the MII.
Those attending are asked to please bring printed copy of Code of Ethics with them on the day available from

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CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

Presented by Consensus Mediation. From Thu 19 Oct 2017 to Thu 26 Oct 2017

Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
28 CPD Points

Course: CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

Date:  Thurs/Fri 19th/20th, Wed/Thurs 25th/26th October, 2017 

Organisation/Trainer: Consensus Mediation

Venue: Glen Royal Hotel, Maynooth  

Cost: Early Bird rate €1075 until September 22nd, 2017  
€1200 after this date
Booking: All details available on

Contact – 086-8252423 

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Certificate in Restorative Practice & Mediation Level 8 MH87M

Presented by Catherine O'Connell. From Tue 26 Sep 2017 to Sat 05 May 2018

NUI Maynooth

This engaging and interactive programme provides you with skills to help people develop, repair and build relationships where harm, hurt and conflict have happened and to be proactive in building constructive relationships. Participants learn about theory of mediation and practice using core mediation skills transferrable across many contexts. The course is suitable for anyone interested in the subjects and particularly for those working in areas such as Justice, Workplaces, Community and Youth Organisations, Schools, Social Care and Family Support. This programme can be life changing in the area of professional and personal development and will enable you to:


• Learn restorative principles, philosophy, theories, concepts and practices for immediate use

• Respectfully challenge and engage others

• Assess, prepare and facilitate Restorative Conferences, Victim– Offender Dialogues   

• Use circle fo processesr different situations and contexts

• Understand,conflict theory and principles and practices of mediation

• Develop core mediation skills particularly in complex and sensitive cases in Restorative Practice

• Explore the potential, the limitations and the risks of Restorative Practices and Mediation

• Examine the role of human emotion in social relationships especially shame, anger and vulnerability

• Consider Restorative responses in cases of trauma, grief and adversity


Classes: Monthly on Tuesdays from 6pm to 9pm and all day Saturday over the academic year.

Assessment: Continuous assessment via assignments & project. Self-assessment of both personal and professional development and growth in restorative practices is encouraged.

Cost: €1,250.00

Award: Level 8 Certificate in Restorative Practices (20 credits)Course Code CMRP

Applications online at Course code MH87M

Enquiries: Contact Catherine O’Connell 0879936237

Course leaflet




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Building Strong Relationships And A Healthy Workplace Culture Using A Restorative Approach

Presented by NUI Maynooth. From Mon 18 Sep 2017 to Mon 18 Sep 2017

NUI Maynooth

Terry O'Connell, renowned Restorative Practitioner and Founder of Real Justice Australia, is back in Dublin on 18th September to deliver a one day workshop at the Edward Kennedy Institute or Conflict Intervention, Maynooth University. Building Strong Relationships and a Healthy Workplace Culture is for Managing Directors, Line Managers, H.R Personnel and anyone who is responsible for leading and managing people in workplaces of all descriptions. Places are extremely limited. Please see attached flyer and link below. Price €175.00 including lunch and refreshments Booking online via

Conflicts,  tensions,  performance  management  or  inappropriate  behaviour  are  issues common to every workplace. The process you use  to  ‘engage’  others  is  critical  and  respectful  challenge  is  the  key.  This  is most  effective  where  there  is  a  shared  understanding  on  what  it  takes  to  foster  healthy  workplace  relationships. The  notion  of  a  ‘restorative’ culture  implies  that  the  focus  is  on  relationships  where  harm  [rather  than  blame]  provides  opportunities  for  learning  and  growth.   

In this One Day Workshop Participants  will  learn  how  to: 

        •  Build  an  explicit  practice  framework. 

        •  Be  more  consistent  and  intentional  in  day-to-day  work. 
        •  Respectfully  challenge  others. 

        •  Understand  the  importance  of  asking  the  right  questions   
        •  Levy  responsibility  and  accountability  to  others. 

        •  Facilitate  workplace  processes  with  greater  awareness  and 

This  workshop  is  ideally  suited  to  supervisors,  managers,  Human  Resources personnel  and  workplace  mediators. 

18th  SEPTEMBER  2017  from  9.30AM  to  4.30PM  :  Price  175.00

Lunch  and  Refreshments  Provided or  0879936237


Monday  18th September, 9.30am  to  4.30pm 

North  Campus,  Maynooth  University,  Maynooth,  County  Kildare 

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Little Voices in Big Decisions: The Child in Family Mediation

Presented by NUI Maynooth. From Mon 21 Aug 2017 to Mon 21 Aug 2017

NUI Maynooth

Development workshops for our Graduates and colleagues in the field of mediation and conflict intervention.

On 21st August we are delighted to host Little Voices in Big Decisions: The Child in Family Mediation with Lindara Kiely on 21st August 9.30am to 5pm. The workshop looks at interventions that can happen in mediation to counteract the fact that the voice of the child can be lost when parents are suffering the trauma of separation, rejection and guilt. To apply please click below. Participants must have completed a mediation course accredited by the Mediators Institute of Ireland to attend.

Hearing the Voice of the Child in Family Mediation

Date:21st August 2017

Times:9:30am to 4:30pm

Session Fee:€75.00

WebsiteEdward M Kennedy Institute

Email or

Phone: 087 993 6237 - Catherine O'Connell


Mediation to manage separation and divorce is reputed to have better outcomes for children than court. However, parents in mediation are often stressed, angry, emotionally charged and / or grieving and are not always able to focus on their children’s best interests and needs at that time. Therefore, it is the mediator who must bring these voices into the room and most importantly allow them to be heard and acted upon.

This one-day practice orientated workshop will enable you to:

  • Examine the implication of the Children and Family Relationships Act 2016 and the much anticipated Mediation Bill 2017 for Family Mediators
  • Develop skills in changing the focus of parents from their conflict to their children’s issues
  • Explore different ways to bring the needs and wishes of children into play metaphorically
  • Discuss the issues around child consultation in mediation
  • Practice skill development using role play

Facilitator: Lindara Kiely, Family Mediator, M.A. Mediation and Conflict Intervention

All participants must be mediators registered with the Mediators Institute of Ireland or equivalent.

Lunch is not provided: Restaurants are available on campus and in Maynooth town

More information and enrolment


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CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

Presented by Catherine O'Connell. From Mon 17 Jul 2017 to Thu 20 Jul 2017

NUI Maynooth, Co. Kildare

This four-day intensive workshop will enable participants to begin coaching clients on a one to one basis immediately to find better ways of managing conflict situations and communicating in difficult circumstances. You will:

• learn the 7 stage CINERGY™ process

• develop a good understanding of conflict dynamics and coaching principles

• Leave the workshop with an ability to begin coaching clients straight away

• experience the coaching process from point of view of coach, client and observer.

• Have access to post course support, workbook and training materials

Participants on the CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching workshop are often Coaches, Mediators, H.R. Consultants and Managers, Senior and Line Managers and Therapists. Persons may attend coaching to learn how to have difficult conversations, to be more assertive, to be able to attend mediation and staying on message. The course includes a large volume of highly mentored skills practice to give participants the best possible learning experience.

Dates: 17, 18 , 19 and 20 July2017  9.30am to 5pm

Venue: Edward Kennedy Institute, Maynooth University

Cost: €1,350.00 reduced to €1,050 early bird price up to 30th June

Facilitator Catherine O’Connell

Contact: Catherine at 0879936237 or

Book at

Course Leaflet

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Presented by Brendan Schutte. From Tue 04 Jul 2017 to Tue 04 Jul 2017

NUI Maynooth

A practical, skills-based approach to mediating in workplace cases involving allegations of bullying or harassment. It will be an active day with plenty of practice, questions and review of learning. Discussion of the participants’ own experience will be welcomed. Students will explore:

> Explanations and definitions of ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’, including reference to cases.

> What typically happens when this issue is raised?

> Dilemmas in B&H cases; Can they actually be mediated?

> Bias and pre-conceived ideas in B&H cases.

> Some important concepts: - Labels, Listening and Reframing

> Skills practice: opening meetings, introductions, joint meeting sharing, joint meeting and agreement.

> Mending the ‘broken record’

> Increasing empathy

> Learning review

Facilitator Brendan Schutte, Workplace Conflict Management Specialist Practitioner, Lecturer and Author; B. Comm., Postgraduate Diploma in Mediation and Conflict Intervention

Tuesday 4th July from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Price: €75.00

Lunch is not provided: Restaurants are available on campus and in Maynooth town

All participants must be mediators registered with the Mediators Institute of Ireland or equivalent.

For further information please contact Catherine O’Connell 0879936237

Course Leaflet

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Cognitive Systemic Mediation for Complex and High Conflict Cases with Judge Nancy Flatters CA

Presented by Judge Nancy Flatters. From Wed 31 May 2017 to Thu 01 Jun 2017

Kennedy Institute NUI Maynooth


Summer Sessions Developing Professional Competence

Cognitive Systemic Mediation for Complex and High Conflict Cases with Judge Nancy Flatters CA

This is a rare opportunity for Mediators to work with the seasoned mediator and trainer and retired Judge Nancy Flatters from Alberta, Canada. Judge Flatters teaches participants to work in the Cognitive Systemic Model of mediation from the Milan School as advanced and developed by Dr. John Haynes. This style of mediation gives further practical skills to mediators in all contexts and in particular when working with complex cases and high conflict clients. Participants will:

•    Learn about the theory of and practice using the Five Stage Haynes Mediation Model 

•    Explore the Role of the Mediator particular to this model of mediation the Role of Questions in Cognitive Systemic Mediation 

•    Develop proficiency asking different types of questions for different objectives and contexts 

•    Gain  proficiency  in  being  able  to  de-escalate  conflict  in  the  room to enable clients to work 

•    Develop skills using the model by practicing in family mediation and workplace contexts 


Dates: 31st May and  1st June  9.30am to 4.30pm        Price €250.00 for two days including work materials and refreshments:  Discount of €55.00 applies for payment received by 19th May, 2017 

All participants must be mediators registered with the Mediators Institute of Ireland or equivalent.  

For further information please contact Catherine O’Connell 0879936237

To book online please apply here


 “If you can’t see good in your clients, then dig for it!” John Haynes (1932 – 1999) 

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Introduction to Elder Mediation

Presented by Later Life Mediation. From Thu 09 Mar 2017 to Thu 09 Mar 2017

Avila, Bloomfield Avenue, Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4
7 CPD Points

Organisation/Trainer: Frances Stephenson and Brian O’Neill, Later Life Mediation

Price: MII members: €150.00/Non-MII members: €175.00. Tea/Coffee will be provided at breaks in the morning and afternoon. Lunch is not provided. Facilities are available if participants wish to bring a pack lunch. There are also a number of cafes in the area.

Course Details

This course provides an introduction for mediators to the specific knowledge base, sensitivities and complexities involved in mediating age-related issues in adult families.

The training hours are recognised by the MII for 7 CPD hours and by the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) for certification purposes.

For more information contact Later Life Mediation by email or phone 087 390 2547

Course Content 

• Overview of the specific knowledge  and skills required for Elder Mediation including Dementia, Capacity, Legal issues, Elder Abuse, Bereavement, Grief and Loss, Ageism and managing intergenerational dynamics

• Case Studies revealing the specifics of Elder Mediation

• The Emergence of Elder Mediation internationally and in Ireland


• Transfer of learning through skills practice

 Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain an insight into:

• the specific knowledge and skills required to function as an Elder Mediator 

• the benefits of Elder Mediation to adult families 

• challenges encountered by presenters in their own cases. 

The course will be interactive and will allow time for discussion and questions.

Later Life Mediation is a not for profit company specialising in Elder Mediation  and Training. Later Life Mediator mediators are internationally accredited with EMIN and members of the Mediators Institute of Ireland.


First come, first served based on payment received.  Email for a booking form

Minimum number of  participants is 12


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