Grow your own Research

Grow your own Research


Presenters: Dr. Deirdre Curran, Margaret Bouchier, Oksana Kokaylo, Pruthvish Jagadish Kumar

This workshop will showcase the research portfolio of the KIWMRG (Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group) and present the implications for practicing mediators. The session will also involve the audience in identifying the practical questions regarding mediation that research can/should address. While the focus of our research is workplace mediation, many of the concepts and implications apply to mediation generally. The workshop will use innovative techniques to present highlights from our research journey (and outcomes) to date, and we will involve the audience in determining which direction that journey should take from here. The workshop is tailored to mediation practitioners and scholars. The audience will be informed of high quality research that is being conducted within our own mediator/researcher community in Ireland. The presenters will provide a 'takeaway toolkit' of research-informed implications for their own practice. Audience members will also be invited to consider joining the Research Group.  The session is tailored to the Conference theme: Back to Basics: Sharing Professional Excellence in Mediation in that it presents research which explores the core elements of mediation and highlights ways in which policy-makers and practitioners can continuously improve in light of established theory and international best practice.


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