Mediation Awareness Week

7th October to 12th October 2019


In Ireland today mediation is becoming more and more the ‘go to’ process for resolving disputes and conflicts in all walks of our lives. Recently we have seen the Ryanair pilots' dispute and a claim by a young boy suffering from cerebral palsy successfully resolved through mediation. There are many many more examples.

Mediation is now enshrined in Irish Law. It is a successful and cost-effective alternative to going to Court. It saves time, money and important relationships. Mediators do not make decisions or judgments, instead they quickly and expertly help people in conflict to reach their own agreement together. 

Mediation Awareness Week will highlight the benefits of this highly effective process and the opportunity it offers to resolve conflict right across our society. The sole objective of Mediation Awareness Week is to grow awareness, knowledge and use of mediation all over across the island of Ireland.


Calendar of Events for Mediation Awareness Week




Event Description


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Monday 7 October






Tuesday 8 October

Irish Commercial Mediators Association

UCC Business and Law School  


Presentation ‘Mediation instead of Litigation?” to Final Year (Law and Business) and LLM in Business Law

4-5 pm

Yvonne Joyce

Wednesday 9 October

Kennedy Institute Maynooth University

Maynooth University,

Renehan Hall South Campus   

Presentation on Child Inclusive Mediation in Ireland
1pm to 6pm

Treasa Kenny

For more information, or to RSVP, 
contact the Law Department (MU) at

Thursday 10 October

Irish Commercial Mediators Association

Trinity College Dublin Presentation 

‘How mediation plays a vital role in dispute resolution” to Masters in Law Students and Mediation Course students

1-2 pm

Breda O’Malley

Thursday 10 October

The Institute of Banking and the Financial Services Ombudsman

The Institute of Banking – Galway  

Mediating Financial Complaints

6.30 pm

Ger Deering and  Austin Kenny

(01) 611 6500.

Friday 11 October

MII Annual Conference

Ormonde Hotel, Kilkenny

Saturday 12 October

MII Annual Conference

Ormonde Hotel, Kilkenny