Mediators welcome DBSA recommendation of premises near Four Courts to be allocated for ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ – “Imaginative and Practical”

18th October 2021

The President of the Mediators' Institute of Ireland has welcomed the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association (DBSA) recommendation to the Judicial Planning Working Group that the latter ‘consider the benefit’ of establishing a premises near the Four Courts and run by the Courts Service to facilitate the practice of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) processes, such as Mediation. Margaret Considine said that the recommendation was both imaginative and practical and she was certain that such a move would have very significant benefits for all interested parties notably disproportionate to the modest costs involved.   

Ms Considine said that the DBSA recommendation demonstrated an understanding of the need for a more holistic and all-encompassing approach to judicial planning. She said that Mediators' Institute of Ireland would contribute in any way they could to helping the Judicial Planning Working Group to see the obvious merit of the recommendation and help towards that system - at once more inclusive and focussed – that must be our ambition.



Margaret Considine, 087-8251567

President, Mediators' Institute of Ireland.


C.McCarthy, 083-0272665

Mediators' Institute of Ireland Press


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