Jennequin Marie-Claire

Marie-Claire Jennequin

Specialism (in alphabetical order):
• Community
• Family
• Healthcare
• Organisational/Workplace
• Separating Couples

Available in: : Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Limerick

Telephone: 0834408543

Mobile: 0834408543



General Profile

When we experience conflict, it’s not unusual for that conflict to trigger feelings of hurt, disappointment and confusion. I believe that mediation offers a safe space to work through conflict in a fair, healthy and peaceful manner.

I’m Marie-Claire and I’m an accredited member of the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland, with specialised training for Family and Separating Couples. I completed my mediation training in 2019. I have particular expertise in working with parents experiencing shared parenting conflicts, having spent the last 8 years delivering numerous parenting programmes and individualised support plans to parents in many crisis situations.

My education background includes training in Social Care, Youth Work, Mediation, Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills and facilitation of Parenting Programmes. I am committed to providing a high standard of professionalism and commit to regular trainings for Continuous Professional Development.
As your mediator, I will facilitate a confidential, non-judgemental and safe environment. This allows you to process your conflict and its impact on your life, and to find the solutions that work best for you.

In 2021 I founded Common Ground Resolutions which offers Mediation, Separation and Divorce Mentoring and Co-Parenting Support. I believe that empathy, collaboration and compromise are not only fundamental elements of mediation, but are also the building blocks for strengthening family relationships. These principles underpin my work to encourage positive communication through mediation, mentoring and parent support.

Available for virtual mediation
Zoom Skype

All specialities are self-selected by accredited mediators and does not imply specialist training in those areas. Additional training is required only for mediating with Separating Couples