Mediators who have satisfactorily completed an MII approved or equivalent training programme and successfully undertaken an MII approved assessment of their mediation skills may apply for  Member status of the MII.  

  1. How to Become a Member
  2. Membership Assessment Process  
  3. Member Application Requirements
  4. Member Entitlements
  5. Competence to Practice
  6. Making an application if you have completed non-accredited training
  7. Continuing Professional Development Requirements
  8. Insurance for MII members

How to Become a Member

To become an MII Member you will need to have successfully completed an MII approved training course or equivalent course and undertaken and passed an MII approved assessment of your mediation skills in line with the MII Member core competencies.  This assessment is usually provided as part of an MII Accredited Training Course but, in some circumstances,may be arranged directly with the MII.

The Membership Assessment Process

In addition approved Mediators working in the area of Separating Couples mediation are required to have completed an additional 40 hour mandatory knowledge requirement.  For details see 40 hour mandatory knowledge requirement. 

Mediators working in the area of Elder Mediation must hold EMIN certification (from 1st January 2024)

Member Application Requirements

To register as a Member of the MII, please complete the online registration process and upload a copy of your MII accredited training certificate, a copy of your Certificate of Assessment (the final page of the Assessors feedback to you) and pay the appropriate fee. If you wish to be certified to mediate with Separating Couples you must upload a copy of your Certificate for completing the 40 hour mandatory knowledge requirement.

Please note: Training Certificates are valid for 1 year from the date of the Assessment result. If more than 1 year has elapsed between the date of the assessment result and application for membership then applicants must retake and pass the MII skills assessment in order to apply for Membership. 

Membership Fee rates


  Process of application for recognition of equivalent training done with any training body other than one accredited by the MII.

Equivalence of Training is only assessed by the MII where the training is completed outside of the Republic of Ireland.  Where training is completed in the Republic of Ireland, with a training body which does not have its training accredited by the MII, then there is no route to membership of the MII through equivalence. 

This option exists for those who have trained outside the Republic of Ireland and completed their training within the last three years.  You must be able to comply with the following requirements to make an application:

  • Completion of at least a 60-hour training course in mediation skills and practice
  • Supply certified evidence of your successful completion of the training
  • Supply course curriculum of the training completed so that it can be assessed in comparison to the MII Certified Training requirements.

Applicants must complete the application form in full – only fully completed applications with accompanying required documentation will be accepted for review Download the Application Form

There is a fee of €100 for the application.  It is a non-refundable fee if your application for equivalence of training is not successful.

Applicants who have their training accredited as equivalent to MII requirements may then apply to complete an MII Certified Assessment. Once that assessment has been successfully completed, the applicant may apply for MII membership.

Please contact the MII office if you have any queries by phone 01 609 9190 or

Please note that if you proceed to sit the MII assessment there is a fee of €375  for the assessment.


Member Entitlements

Members are approved to practise and entitled to:

  • Apply annually for a Practising Certificate
  • Have their profile listed as Available to Mediate on the MII website if designated as available for private work and in receipt of a current MII Practising Certificate. 
  • Receive updates and briefings on developments in mediation
  • Receive information about symposiums, conferences, CPD trainings and other events
  • Avail of reduced member fees for symposium, conferences and some CPD trainings
  • Attend AGM and any EGMs
  • Attend any member meetings of the MII including consensus building and sector meetings
  • Join a Sharing and Learning group
  • Sit on appropriate committees

*Only Members with hold a current MII practising certificate are approved by the MII to mediate. Practising MII Mediators are bound by the MII Code of Ethics and Practice and may only mediate where they have the appropriate training, knowledge and competence to effectively mediate.

Members must be in good standing with the MII and Council reserves the right to refuse membership.

Competence to Practice

MII Mediators may only mediate where they have the appropriate training, knowledge and competence to effectively mediate in the dispute (MII Code of Ethics and Practice, 5.6).

An MII Mediator who holds a current Practising Certificate may practice in any area* provided they have the competence to do so. Whether or not you are working within your competence can only be assessed in relation to any particular case. Just because the particular case happens to fall under a particular heading in which you have had some training or experience does not necessarily mean that you are competent to start or to continue with that case. By way of example a commercial Mediator who is sufficiently competent to mediate a commercial contract dispute between two parties about one item to the value of €50,000 may lack the competence to mediate a complex, multi-party commercial case with €50 million in dispute.

*except for Family (Separating Couples) sector, which requires and additional 40 hours of training and Elder Mediation which requires EMIN certification (from 1st January 2024)

Where a Mediator takes on a case in good faith and realises during the mediation that aspects of the case are outside of their competence, the Mediator is obliged to either suspend the mediation and to seek appropriate support, or to terminate the mediation.

It is the responsibility of each individual Mediator to ensure that they have the competence, skills and knowledge to mediate in any given mediation.

If you have any queries or require further information please contact the MII at

CPD Requirement

The MII commitment to the continuing professional development of Mediators requires a Member to record participation in learning,training and education activities over a two year period. The MII actively encourages all Members to participate in ongoing education and skills development to progress towards Practitioner Member level.

With this in mind, it is important that Members support their practice through participation in Sharing and Learning Groups and they arrange supervision/case consultation.

The current CPD requirement is 31 points per year - for information see CPD requirements

Insurance Requirement

The Mediators' Institute requires all Members and Advanced Members to hold appropriate insurance for their practice.

Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The MII has negotiated a Group Insurance facility for MII members.
BMIB Ltd t/a Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers are an independent Insurance Brokers authorised by the Central Bank who specialise in offering group insurance facilities for representative bodies and professional associations. 
They can provide a policy to the members of the MII for €110.00 inclusive of the 5% government levy. This would be an annual policy which will run for 12 months from the date chosen on the on-line application.
Full details of the benefits, cover and costs available in the Group Scheme.

Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers 
4 JFK Parade

Phone No. +353 71 91 41030
Fax No. +353 71 91 38469

Please note: All policies are between BMIB and the member. The MII is not responsible for any contracts entered into with BMIB.


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Certified Training Courses

The MII accredits mediation training courses which meet set training standards. The following training programmes have been recognised as MII approved training programmes.

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CPD Training

The purpose of CPD is to ensure that Mediators keep their knowledge and skills up to date for the benefit of users of their service and for their own personal and professional development.

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