Recognition of Equivalent Training


Process of application for recognition of equivalent training done with any training body other than one accredited by the MII.

Equivalence of Training is only assessed by the MII where the training is completed outside of the Republic of Ireland.  Where training is completed in the Republic of Ireland, with a training body which does not have its training accredited by the MII, then there is no route to membership of the MII through equivalence. 

This option exists for those who have trained outside the Republic of Ireland and completed their training within the last three years.  You must be able to comply with the following requirements to make an application:

  • Completion of at least a 60-hour training course in mediation skills and practice
  • Supply certified evidence of your successful completion of the training
  • Supply course curriculum of the training completed so that it can be assessed in comparison to the MII Certified Training requirements.

Applicants must complete the application form in full – only fully completed applications with accompanying required documentation will be accepted for review Download the Application Form

There is a fee of €100 for the application.  It is a non-refundable fee if your application for equivalence of training is not successful.

Applicants who have their training accredited as equivalent to MII requirements may then apply to complete an MII Certified Assessment. Once that assessment has been successfully completed, the applicant may apply for MII membership.

Please contact the MII office if you have any queries by phone 01 609 9190 or

Please note that if you proceed to sit the MII assessment there is a fee of €375  for the assessment. 



Since 2006, the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) has provided self-regulation of the mediation profession through its accreditation processes.  The current membership stands at circa 750.  There are mediators in Ireland who are not members of the MII.  The Mediation Act 2017 requires that mediators provide parties to mediation with details of their training and qualifications.  The Act also allows for the establishing of a Mediation Council which will, in time, lead to the regulation of the profession through the establishment of registers of mediators eligible to practice.

The MII accredits training programmes and assessment processes so that appropriately qualified mediators may then be certified as members of MII.  The MII has an equivalence route for mediators trained outside of Ireland.  It also provides for a further recognition of practice and experience through the designation of Advanced member, as well as the option to be assessed for International Mediation Institute (IMI) membership. 

To be initially accredited as a mediator through the MII, people are required to:

  • have successfully completed a training course of at least 60 hours, the content of which is specified by MII Certified Competences;
  • mediated an assessed and video recorded role play case at the end of the training course or within two years;
  • reflected on their performance in the role play case themselves; and
  • submitted a written reflection of the case to the assessor with key documentation (Agreement to Mediate and Mediation Settlement).

To practice in Separating Couples mediation, MII members must complete an additional 40 hours training and 20 hours of reflection, out of class work and assessment.

On successful completion of the EU In-Medias 120-hour training, you fulfil the equivalence requirements for application to complete an MII role play assessment and submit documentation in line with the requirements of the Mediation Act 2017 and the MII Code of Ethics. On submission of your In-Medias training certificate of completion within three years, you may then apply to undertake the MII assessment. 

After you have successfully completed the MII role play assessment, you will be able to apply for membership of the MII.  Once you do that, you will receive a practising certificate to mediate in Ireland and will be required to meet the insurance, Code of Ethics and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements as a member of the MII.

Approved at MII Council Meeting of 28 March 2022

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