Uploading a Profile Guidelines for Mediators

Registered Members and Advanced Members who hold a current Annual Practising Certificate and are Available to the public for work may upload a profile on www.themii.ie 

Following confirmation that your profile is in compliance with MII requirements it will be approved for publishing on the website.

The information contained in the profile must be true and accurate, and you have an ongoing responsibility to ensure the continued accuracy of the information. The MII is not in a position to verify the accuracy of all the information in the profile and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies.

The MII maintains editorial control and absolute discretion not to publish some or all of a member’s submitted profile. In the case of an exercise of this discretion, the member will be notified and may appeal the decision. Due to the vagaries of technology the MII cannot accept responsibility for your profile not coming up in a search. You should also periodically check to ensure that your profile comes up when carrying out searches. If it does not appear you should inform the MII who will look into why the problem is occurring.

Please contact the MII by email if any of the information contained in your published profile is inaccurate.You may also upload your picture with your profile. The image specifications are:jpg,jpeg,gif,png.Max file size: 1000Kb Image resized to: •162x153 px •350x350 px

Note: Inclusion in the "Available to Mediate" web directory is only open to registered Members and Advanced Members

Completing your General Profile: 

This is free text (subject to MII editorial control).Members may outline their mediation services, experience and areas of specialism. The information must be in compliance with the MII Code of Ethics and Practice.

Mediation Qualifications and Certifications

This segment refers to MII recognised qualifications that are condition precedent for a person becoming a MII approved mediator only. Please note that information concerning MII approved or equivalent courses can be found under the ‘Become a Mediator’ box on the MII home page. Please click on accredited training for further information on approved courses.

   You should also insert here that you have completed MII approved 32 or (40 Hours from 1st April 2021)  separating couples knowledge training. 


     NB Please set out your qualifications in the following order:

                   Qualification/Certificate: Name of awarding body: Year of achievement

Example: Advanced Member: The MII: 2019

              Certificate Course in Mediation and Conflict Resolution: CRMC: 2015


6. Other Qualifications and Certifications:

This refers to any other qualifications that you may wish to include:

Please set out your qualifications in the following order:

                Qualification/Certificate/Diploma: Name of awarding body: Year of achievement

 Example:             BA in Arts and Music: NUIG: 2015


Search Criiteria for Find a Mediator

Members who are Available to the Public can choose multiple locations to be "Available" to mediate in. Members of the public who search in these locations will be able to find you in any that you have specified. You may choose to be Available in single or multiple counties or Dublin areas or you can opt to be Available in any of the Provinces or All Ireland. If you choose a Province you will appear in a search for any individual county within that province. For example if you choose Munster any member of the public searching for a mediator in either Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary  or Waterford will find you. You do not need to select to be available in each of the counties separately.
For clarity the following links will give you a screenshot of where you should select this:

Screenshot in profile: https://www.screencast.com/t/7At2wXDEfWH
Screenshot in renewal form: https://www.screencast.com/t/GlQ0XdCdoLl1

You can choose to show/hide your home address to keep it private if you wish.

If you do  not specify any areas you will only show up in search results for specific Sectors or Names. 
The MII is not responsible for your name not appearing in search results if you have not chosen the areas where you wish to be Available and we recommend that you periodically check to ensure that your profile comes up when carrying out searches.

Log into your MII profile by going to www.themii.ie and clicking on the LogIn button in the black area at the bottom of the homepage. Enter your email address and password then click on the blue Login button.Click on Manage My Profile to make changes and ensure that you press save for each section of the profile when completed. If you do not save the section before moving on to the next section the updated content will not be saved.
If you have any problems with the process don’t hesitate to contact me.
 If you have any difficulty please see these step by step images 


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Certified Training Courses

The MII accredits mediation training courses which meet set training standards. The following training programmes have been recognised as MII approved training programmes.

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CPD Training

The purpose of CPD is to ensure that Mediators keep their knowledge and skills up to date for the benefit of users of their service and for their own personal and professional development.

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